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New subscription plans are live in Australia: what this means for you

July 1, 2024

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In May, we announced new subscription plans for Australian customers and partners as part of our efforts to simplify our plan offering. The new plan line-up bundles key features like Xero Expenses, Xero Projects and Xero Analytics Plus into some plans, making it easier to choose the right plan for your business or clients.

These plans are now live to coincide with the start of the financial year.

Learn more about our new small business plans or plans for accounting and bookkeeping partners.

With our new plan line-up, our old plans – Payroll Only, Starter, Standard and Premium business plans, and GST Cashbook and Cashbook Payroll partner plans – are no longer available for purchase.

We’ve also completed the migration of customers on Premium 10–100 plans to the enhanced Ultimate plan. The Ultimate plan now includes Xero Expenses and Xero Projects for 10, instead of the current five, as well as access to Xero Analytics Plus.

Sign up to the webinar to learn more about the move from Premium 10–100 to Ultimate.

Our migration approach and revised timing

The new plans have been designed to provide you with easier access to tools that help you run your business efficiently. For a number of our customers in Australia, this will mean more functionality for the same or lower price* when moved to a new plan by Xero.

We know this is not the case for all customers, and some customers on our old plans will pay more when moved to a new plan by Xero. We also know price increases are difficult to manage and we are doing what we can to simplify this.

As a result, we have designed our migration plan to make sure no customer will receive a further price increase this financial year (July 2024–June 2025). This means some customers will not be migrated by Xero by March 2025 as originally communicated.

We appreciate the feedback our Xero community has shared about these changes. We are committed to putting you first when it comes to our new plans and migration, and have reflected this in our revised approach.  

What it means for you and what’s next

We will email you in late July, with the details of what plan Xero will move you to and when. When we look at which plan you’ll be moved to, we’ll look at your current plan – including any add-ons you have purchased – and your recent (June 2024) usage of features (that is, Xero Expenses and/or Xero Payroll).

If you are a customer who will see the same or a lower price*, we’ll move you to your new plan in October 2024, so you can start realising the benefits of any new features. If you will see a price increase* as a result of the new plan that we are migrating you to, we will not migrate you until July 2025.

You can stay on your current plan until Xero moves you, or you can choose to move. If you choose to move to a new plan, you won’t be included in Xero’s migration arrangements. However, we recommend you wait until you have received your email confirmation from Xero later this month to understand how the migration applies to you or your clients, before making your own decision about moving plans.

As the new plans are now live and the old plans are no longer available for purchase, any changes to an old plan (removing an add-on or transferring a subscription) will mean moving to a new plan.

Throughout this process, you will always have the choice to choose a different plan to what Xero selects for you. You’ll also be able to change plans after Xero moves you if you decide another plan better meets your needs.

We’ll support you via Xero Central, as well as our dedicated webinars and guides, to help you get the most out of the new plans.

Specifics for accounting and bookkeeping partners

Our email to you in late July will include a link to a list of subscriptions that your practice holds, including plan changes and timing for each client.

We look forward to sharing specific details with you later this month. As always, please reach out to our team via Xero Central if you have any support questions.

*compared to 1 July 2024 pricing

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