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Offline mode, better tracking, and doc merging in Capture: See our roadmap

July 2, 2024

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It’s all systems go at Apron HQ this month, with loads of feedback coming through from all of you in the accounting and bookkeeping communities.

Here’s what’s new with Apron Pay and Apron Capture in June, and a look at what’s coming up in July, August and September.

New to Apron Pay in June

New ‘Paid’ tab for better clarity

This new tab shows a clear overview of batch payments that have been paid, including total amounts. You can search payments by keyword, and filter by both contacts and dates.

Real world scenario: A supplier, let’s call them ‘Sitting Pretty’ , bills you for a delivery of office chairs, but you’re sure you already paid this particular invoice a few weeks ago. Instead of paying again just to get them off your back, you can search ‘Sitting Pretty’ in the Paid tab and get proof of payment instantly.

Fact: Our CEO, Bogdan, saved a good chunk of money using this feature recently!

New to Apron Capture in June

Publish to Expense in Quickbooks Online / Spend Money in Xero

Don’t have the ‘Bills’ functionality included in your QBO or Xero subscriptions?

Item already paid and you want to publish it to Expenses?

You can now do both directly in Apron.

ETA: First week of July

Customisable inbox view

Decide what information you want to see on your main screen Inbox to speed up your review process. Perfect if you have lots of documents coming in, but know that you need to prioritise certain ones. You can add and arrange by:

  • VAT rate
  • Uploaded date
  • Reference
  • Due Date
  • Tracking categories
  • Document type
  • Description
  • Submission method
Extended contact rules

You can now set up Tracking Categories (Xero) and Locations/Classes (Quickbooks Online) via Contact Rules in Apron.

Before, you needed to do this on a ‘per document’ basis. Now, you can set up these rules in bulk and they’ll apply to all future invoices from the supplier in question. Neat, eh?

Offline mode (iOS)

Currently only available on iOS, but we’re working on Android. You can now add documents to Apron even when you don’t have an internet connection, and they’ll be uploaded ready for processing once you go online again.

Coming soon to Apron

And now, a sneak preview of what’s coming to Apron over the next few months.

Bulk actions

Bulk edit, publish, delete and archive documents, buying yourself more time to spend outside getting some fresh air.

ETA: First week of July

Merge documents

Uploaded several files that should be part of a single document? 🤷‍♀️

Merge them in Apron and we’ll extract data from the combined document.

ETA: First week of July

Capture mobile App: Combine multiple photos into a single document

Long receipt or 2-sided invoice?

Take several pictures of it and combine them into a single document in the app.

ETA: July

Capture mobile app: Multi upload

Submit multiple receipts in one go.

ETA: July

Sales invoices

Do your clients use an external system to create and send sales invoices?

Scan them* through Apron and post to the Sales section of Xero / Quickbooks Online.

*The invoices, not your clients.

ETA: July

Export extracted information to spreadsheets

If you want to use Apron without syncing with Xero/Quickbooks Online, scan the required document through the system and export the results to a spreadsheet in the format of your choice.

ETA: August

Bank Statement Extraction

Upload bank statements as a PDF and Apron will convert them to CSV.

ETA: Fall 2024

There, that’s probably enough to be getting on with for now. Just kidding. We’re always happy to hear suggestions from you. Join us on Linkedin for more updates, and to send us your suggestions.

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