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Open Banking Bulk Payments come to Xero and Sage accounting platforms.

November 16, 2021

Open Banking isn’t new. In fact, you probably have an app, a budgeting or savings tool that uses open banking to give you an overview of the multiple bank accounts you own in one place. But this is only one part of what Open Banking has to offer. There is a side that is new to many, and that side is bulk payments.

This brings us to Comma, the UK’s first ‘native Open Banking bulk payment platform’. It sounds like a load of fancy words — but — it does actually mean something too. And now, the public can access this technology for the first time from two of the UK’s largest accounting platform marketplaces.

What it means for SMEs.

Any business owner, founder, CEO, CFO or finance team will know the pain that comes with paying those boring things like bills and salaries every month. But, you will also know how important setting time aside in your busy schedules to do it is (otherwise, you would have some angry suppliers and unhappy, un-paid staff!). Businesses spend millions of hours every year processing payments online. 137m hours, to be precise. That’s 15,639 years! That is a lot of wasted time.

Small businesses spend 137 million hours every year making payments online — mainly payroll and invoices.

This is where bulk payments change the game. Comma drastically reduces the time it takes by providing a connection between accounting platforms (such as Xero, Sage and Intuit QuickBooks) and business bank accounts (the likes of HSBC, Natwest and Barclays etc.).

By connecting the two platforms, businesses can push payments for invoices via API connections from their accounting tool to their bank account. Meaning you can pay multiple payees, for multiple bills, with one authentication — without needing to do any of the manual data entry that comes with it. Just select and pay.

Why leave it there?

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