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Our highly anticipated BCMS integration has arrived!

April 7, 2021

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It's the summer of BCMS!

We're excited to make our new dynamic BCMS integration available to the UK market. Whether you are a Farmer, Accountant, or Farm consultant, gathering livestock data is a headache - by pulling data directly from the British Cattle Movement Service database, this integration opens the door for huge efficiency opportunities.

What does it do?

It has become accepted that getting access to real-time farm financial data is now the standard - while this is fantastic, it has shone further light on the fact that getting up to date livestock data is much more difficult. Collecting livestock data is often excessively time consuming, and the data that is collected is frequently inaccurate and prone to human error.

By connecting Figured directly to CTS online, we are able to pull through all cattle movements on a daily basis - including all purchases, sales, births, deaths, and ageing of stock (based on birthdate). This means Figured's cattle trackers are always kept updated in line with BCMS, and eliminates the need for double data entry.

You'll only ever need to connect Figured/Xero to BCMS once per file, and the movements will automatically flow into your livestock trackers, making the completion of monthly & EOY valuations much more efficient.

“My livestock data flows into Figured and is updated automatically, that saves me time by not having to enter the data twice, and gives me confidence that my stock numbers are accurate too”


The problem we are solving is different for members of the farming team.

If you're a Farmer:

  • Eliminates the time spent with double entry in the collection of BCMS/Livestock information. Over the past 12 months the #1 headache our users said they had was in the collection & provision of livestock information onto Figured by farmers and their advisers.
  • No longer necessary to fill out stock sheets for your advisers at year end.
  • Provides the ability to see real time livestock movements on/off your farm in conjunction with the financial information coming in from Xero.

If you are an Adviser:

  • Remove the task of stock collection both throughout the year and at year end
  • Streamline the livestock valuation process with cattle numbers feeding directly from BCMS into both Figured's Management valuation and EOY valuation tools.
  • Standardise the stock reconciliation process across clients - livestock data is all in the same format and aligned with BCMS.

How do I access the integration?

This integration is available through our partners, so if you're a farmer, reach out to your Accountant/Consultant and have them activate the integration on your farm. It takes only a few minutes and only needs to be done once.

Why leave it there?

If you're an accountant/Consultant and have not yet activated the integration for your business get in touch to schedule a session with the Figured team!

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