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Price adjustment for your HubSpot subscription

February 2, 2023

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As a global company, HubSpot regularly reviews market conditions around the world in order to adjust our product pricing appropriately. With recent evaluations in mind, we are increasing the EUR and GBP list prices for our products by 6% on March 8, 2023.

Existing customers paying in EUR and GBP will see a 6% increase on their bill starting on their first renewal date that falls on or after March 8, 2023. This change ensures our pricing properly reflects value across our global community of customers.

Please note, if you have subscriptions with different renewal dates, the price adjustment for each subscription will take place on their respective renewal dates.

Because HubSpot recently increased the price of Marketing Hub Enterprise (MHE), partners and customers with MHE won’t be impacted by this change. One exception to this is Enterprise Suite customers, who were not eligible for the 2022 MHE change but will be eligible for this one.

We know you may have some questions, and have included answers below:

How can I find my renewal date?

Visit Account & Billing in your HubSpot account and go to the Subscriptions tab. Beneath your subscription(s) name, you’ll see a line that says, “Automatically renews on…” The date that follows is your next renewal date for that subscription.

How can I see what I currently pay and what my price will be upon renewal?

To view your current price and updated renewal pricing, visit Account & Billing in your HubSpot account and go to the Subscriptions tab. Click “Billing Details” on the right-hand side of your subscription(s). In the panel that pops up, you’ll see your current pricing under “Committed terms.” You’ll see your auto-renewal pricing under “Auto-renewal terms.”

If you're on monthly contract terms, your updated renewal pricing won't be visible in your account until March 8, 2023.

Please note that your renewal pricing is subject to change should you add any additional contacts/users to your subscription(s). You can review the Fee Adjustments at Renewal section of our Customer Terms of Service for more information.  

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