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Product Blog: What is Time?

January 11, 2021

We’ve recently launched our latest module Appogee Time into our advanced HR software package, Appogee HR Success. But what is Appogee Time and how can it help your business?
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Our new feature includes Time Tracking, Staff Location Recording and Office Capacity Management as well as Project and Activity Time Recording.


The Time Tracking feature in Appogee HR can help you record your staff working hours via our easy to use clock-in and clock-out interface. Your staff can simply press a button in-app to confirm they’ve started work, press another to show they’re taking a break and a final button to confirm they’ve finished for the day.

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You can then also review their working patterns in an online timesheet, which is editable at both employee level as well as manager level (allowing employees to edit this is optional).


Being able to review staff working hours is of paramount importance, whether you have employees in the office or working from home. Allowing staff to clock in and out can help your managers review working patterns and see working hours of each employee as well as how many breaks they have taken and how long those breaks were. This can be especially beneficial if you have a lot of remote workers as you’re no longer able to see who is working late or who may have not left their desk during the working day. Excessive working hours can lead to burnout and it’s been widely reported that staff are working longer hours than ever before. So ensuring you have a way to monitor staff working hours from home can help you take more care of their wellbeing and mental health.


Another great new feature in Appogee HR Success is the addition of Staff Location Recording as part of the Appogee Time module. This provides you with the ability to plan and report on where your employees are working from, whether that’s from home, your usual offices, or maybe even a customer’s office space. Additionally, being able to set limits of office capacity is another helpful feature, particularly if you’re looking to downsize your regular office space. It’s so easy to use. Your staff can simply select where they’re working, from a list you’ve created, so you’re able to track and report on where staff are at any one time.

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A big driver for the requirement of online office capacity management and recording staff locations comes down to the future of work. Hybrid working models (working from home part of the week and in the office the rest of the week) have long been discussed, however due to the global pandemic, most traditionally office based businesses have had to move forward with plans to ensure staff can successfully work from home. This has proved to be very popular with employees and now a reported 80% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely, at least part of the time, after the pandemic. If you’re one of them, then you may also be looking to downsize your office to ensure you can save some costs, while also benefiting from office collaboration with team members who need to see each other in person. Being able to record this online and plan working locations with Appogee Time means you can receive alerts when office capacities are reached, allowing for seamless office capacity management.

Additionally, from a health and safety perspective, being able to report on who was in the office on certain days can help you going forward with track and trace capabilities should anyone be showing symptoms of COVID-19, or going forward, any other contagious virus. By being able to see who was in the office on the same day as an individual with symptoms, you can ensure they know they may need to isolate or get tested, allowing for you to organise a deep clean in the office before staff are permitted back.


The final new feature in Appogee HR’s Time module is Project & Activity Time Recording. For companies who require staff time to be tracked against projects or clients, this new feature is another simple yet effective addition to Appogee HR. You can create a customised list of activities, projects and/or client names with your staff then being easily able to select either what they’re working on or who they’re working with allowing you to easily see how long activities and projects have taken.

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A key benefit of recording the time taken on certain projects or clients is allowing you to see how long each of your staff members is spending on these activities. This allows you to record the duration of time spent, allowing you to easily calculate billable hours against budgets by exporting this data. Recording this online can help ensure total accuracy, providing you with peace of mind that hours recorded are time well spent and that invoices are accurate.

Appogee Time is currently available to demo as part of Appogee HR Success. If you're keen to find out more about Appogee Time, request a preview demo with a member of our team.

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