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Product Releases – August 2023

September 13, 2023

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Service Job Cards – stock must be reserved before Service Job Card can be closed

An update has been made to our service job cards so that stock must be fully reserved before the job card can be completed. This is to ensure that stock remains correct on the system (as previously stock could be used but not consumed correctly).


Commercial Invoices – notes section

A change has been made to the format of commercial invoices to remove the blank page between the line items and the notes starting.

Sales Order – quantity dispatched column

On the Sales Order details tab, we now show the ‘quantity dispatched’ within the Sales Order Line Item Overview. This is to quickly identify the quantity of goods ordered vs the quantity that has dispatched.

Sales Invoice PDF – VAT registration

Our Sales Invoice PDF has been updated to include the VAT Registration field that is specified against each individual company on the system. Note: If the locale of the system is set to Australia, we show the company’s GST Registration.

Bug fix on Forecast Value Calculation on Sales Lead Breakdown report

The calculation for the forecast value has been updated on the Sales Lead Breakdown report so it is showing the correct value (current stage % * quoted value).

Commercial Invoice PDF

A bug fix has gone live so on the commercial invoice we show the unit price which now takes into account any discount that has been applied to the line item. Previously this figure didn’t include any discount so now we are showing a more accurate figure.

Part & Stock

Parts and Supplied Parts data import – single quote issue

An issue arose where our data imports wouldn’t run successfully if any of the columns included a single quote. This was updated so that these characters are now accepted and both the parts and supplied parts imports process as expected.

Supplied Parts Import

An update was made so it’s now possible to use the supplied parts import to update things like cost price against a pre existing supplied part. E.g. if part A has flowlens listed as a supplier with a cost of £5, then I can use the import to update the cost price to £10, then it will update on the system rather than adding a new supplied part line.

General & Settings

User Activity Log – Archiving a user

An update has been made against Settings > Users so if a user is archived we now show, in the Recent Activity Log, who was archived, by who and at what time and date it was actioned.

Alignment of printed form responses

For consistency, we updated the alignment of printed form responses to match the format that is shown on screen.

Interactions Tab – Notes Field Column

A column for ‘Notes’ has been added against Interactions tabs within Companies, Contacts and ‘My Interactions.’ This allows users to quickly see any additional information that they recorded against and interaction, directly from the interactions tab.

Job Card Consumed Stock Report – part location column and filter added

We have added ‘part location’ to the Job Card Consumed Stock index page, both as a sortable column and filter. This ‘part location’ is the location that is defined when closing a job card.

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