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Product Update August 2023

September 5, 2023

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Welcome back to another edition of the Employment Hero product update, where we share all of the latest and greatest updates over the past month.

This month, we’ll be sharing changes to our AI enhancements, new employee benefits in Swag and lots more.

Let’s get to it.

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We’ve added more AI enhancements in-platform

We all know that staying up to date and investing in technology can help improve efficiency and productivity. That’s why we’re so excited to announce additions to our artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements.

These enhancements help recruiters and hiring managers communicate faster and more effectively, ultimately saving time on admin. Now you can find your AI helping hand in:

  • Evaluation templates
  • Pre-screening questions
  • Pre-screening question templates
  • SEEK pre-screening questions

Platinum customers can look for a sparkle “✨” within the recruitment module to generate well-crafted copy in a flash.

pre screening template questions AI

Take a look at the full list of AI enhancements.


New Employee Benefits in Swag

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest brands to offer employees exclusive savings on everyday essentials, helping put more cash back in employees’ pockets.

These new Cashback offers are now available within the benefits section of the Swag app:

  • Myer
  • Tropeaka
  • Athletes Foot
  • Guess
  • EHP Labs
  • Brooks Brothers
  • and lots more!

Learn more about Cashback here.

Changes to Paid Family & Domestic Violence Leave

Changes were previously made to how paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave is displayed in payslips.

On 1 August 2023, small business employers with less than 15 employees gained access to paid leave. The ten days are now available upfront for full time, part-time, and casual employees; it is not pro-rated for part-time and casual employees, nor does it accumulate from year to year.

In relation to these changes, an update to awards was published on 1 August 2023 to remove the default settings of the old unpaid Family and Domestic Violence Leave in leave allowance templates, work types and rule sets.

New Zealand

Superannuation complying fund enhancements

We’ve updated the process to contribute to a super fund with or without a KiwiSaver.

With these new enhancements we have improved the user experience by reducing errors and removing any need for workarounds.

This update automates the process of calculating the amount of superannuation, based on certain pay categories, and saves time for payroll admins by automating the calculation of ESCT.

Learn more about contributing to a super fund with or without a KiwiSaver.


An update to incomplete month calculation

In line with section 18A of the Employment Act and Labour office’s advice, we have made updates to salary calculation for employees who are employed on a monthly rate of pay and have not completed a whole month of service to be based on calendar days.

Learn more about an incomplete month salary calculation.

Methods to calculate ordinary rate pay

Available from 21 August, we’re rolling out an enhancement to the payroll platform that’ll allow an admin to select applicable methods for their business to calculate ordinary rate, which also impacts overtime and paid leave rate.

The default option for the method to calculate ordinary rate of pay is divided by 26 days. If you use a different method, a payroll admin can simply update this via Payroll Settings > Details > Formula for calculating ordinary rate of pay.

Read more:

  1. Actual Days/Hours Displayed Within a Pay Run
  2. How is pay for work on a rest day or public holiday calculated?
  3. Terminating an Employee


Changes to pro rata calculations

There are various methods of calculating pro rata amounts due for employees. There is no firm rule as it is up to the discretion of the employer which calculation method is used. This feature allows users to select how the system will pro rata salaries for starters and leavers and salary changes mid-way through a pay period.

Once you have set up the pro rata calculations, these settings will now be applied and used in the calculations for starters and leavers, as well as any employee who has a salary change mid-way through a pay period.

Learn more about pro rata calculations.

Occupational Sick Pay (OSP)

Some businesses provide contractual sick pay. OSP will let users specify their own rules regarding service lengths and payment bands, with the added option of applying a rolling 12/24 month sick entitlement.

Users can then apply these rules to employees, which will automatically amend the payrun and appear on the Occupational Pay Report.

Follow the instructions for setting up Occupational Sick Pay in our payroll platform.

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