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Product Update June 2024

July 9, 2024

Follow our June 2024 product update as we share all of the latest and greatest features we’ve released over the last month.
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Welcome back to the June edition of the Employment Hero product update. It’s hard to believe that we’re more than halfway through the year (seriously, where did the time go…?), which means one thing – we’re rounding up the latest and greatest product updates over the past month.

So, what’s new? We’ve introduced a new round of SmartMatch updates, internal job postings, a new shift bidding feature, a whole bunch of widgets to the dashboard, increased customisation in performance reviews and lots more. It’s all here and ready for you to use in-platform – let’s get to it!

Supercharge your recruitment with the latest updates from SmartMatch

We’ve made finding top talent easier and faster, and we’re excited to share the next round of exciting new updates to SmartMatch with you. These updates are focused on helping you find even more relevant and interested candidates for newly created jobs.

SmartMatch will now check candidate interest levels for your new jobs and auto-shortlist those interested

When you create a new job in the recruitment module, SmartMatch will check the interest levels of candidates who are auto-shortlisted to roles by sending them a quick email or SMS. From here, candidates can reply with an ‘Interested’ or ‘Not Interested’ response.

This allows the hiring manager to easily identify candidates who are actively interested in the role. When a candidate is interested in your role, hiring managers will receive an email prompt to review the candidate’s profile in the ATS and take the necessary next steps.

Customise SmartMatch searches – Job title, industry and keywords

Now you can refine your SmartMatch searches by easily updating job titles, industries and keywords for your searches to find the perfect fit.

AI highlights upgrade and relevant qualifications

Lastly, we’ve given our AI highlights an upgrade by providing a summary of the candidate’s profile and reasons why they are a good match for your role. It also identifies the candidate’s most relevant education and certifications for the job.

Learn more about SmartMatch.

Introducing internal job postings

Available for the following HR plans: Standard, Premium, Platinum

Wanting to hire from within your organisation? We’ve just made it a whole lot easier.

Now, when posting a job to Swag Jobs, you have an additional option to publish the job advertisement to internal employees only. Employees can view and apply for available internal roles from the Career pillar in the Swag app.

Learn more about job postings.

internal job posting

Meet the new Shift Bidding feature in Rostering

Available for the following HR plans: Platinum

Wanting to give your team more flexibility when it comes to shifts? Meet our new Shift Bidding feature in Rostering.

The new Shift Bidding feature allows you to create open shifts for employees to claim their shifts. The shift will be automatically assigned to the first employee who claims the shift.

You can also configure bidding cut-off time and notification reminders. Go to Time > Rostering Management > Rostering Settings to turn on shift bidding.

Learn more about Shift Bidding.

shift bidding

Updated direct messaging feature in the Recruitment module

Available for the following HR plans: Standard, Premium, Platinum

Communication is key when it comes to hiring, which is why we’ve upgraded the direct messaging feature in the Recruitment module. Now, it’s even easier for you to communicate with candidates in-platform and keep them across key updates in the hiring process.

You can now format text, add attachments and bulk-send direct messages to candidates.

Learn more about direct messaging in the Recruitment module.

SmartMatch Messaging

We’ve added a whole new bunch of widgets and features to the dashboard

We’ve given the Employment Hero dashboard an upgrade. Now, you can create a more customised dashboard for an improved user experience that suits you.

For Standard and Premium customers, you’ll find two new widgets:

Leave calendar widget

Admins and managers can view pending and approved leave in a simple calendar view directly from the dashboard.

Quick actions widget

Gain easy access to frequently used actions like adding employees, policies, documents, timesheets and more.

Quick actions + leave calendar

For our Platinum customers, you’ll see the above widgets, plus the following:

Pin frequently used reports

Pin your most used reports to your dashboard to easily find the information you need. Simply navigate to ‘Add Report’ at the top of your dashboard to add up to five reports.

Celebrations widget

Admins, owners and managers of platinum customers can also see birthdays and work anniversaries in the new Celebrations widget on the dashboard.

platinum widgets

Introducing the new ‘Certification Number’ field

Available for the following HR plans: Standard, Premium, Platinum

Do you have roles in your organisation that require specific certifications? We’ve added an extra field to the upload process to make it easier to verify the validity of certifications.

You can now activate an optional ‘Certification Number’ field to allow employees to include this information when adding a certification, eliminating the need to capture this information manually. The certification number will also be included in reports, simplifying your compliance efforts.

Learn more about managing Certifications.

certfication number

Increased customisation in performance reviews

Available for the following HR plans: Premium, Platinum

We’ve added an extra layer of customisation and flexibility to performance reviews to help you create the perfect experience for your team.

When creating a new performance review period, you can now select if the primary manager, secondary manager or both managers need to complete the performance review for an employee. This customisation is perfect for teams who have employees who work more closely with their secondary manager and therefore should also be included in the performance review process.

Performance review

Follow along every month for the latest and greatest product updates

We want our customers to get the most out of our platform. Whether it’s HR, payroll or benefits, you can expect to find new updates here – all designed to make your world at work easier and more valuable. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with our content, you can visit our resource hub or follow us on LinkedIn.

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