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Provincial sales tax return reports available across Canada

September 23, 2021

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Last year, Xero brought several enhancements to GST/HST returns for Canadian subscribers. Since then, we’ve been busy expanding the federal sales tax reporting benefits to those needing provincial sales tax reporting.

We’re now excited to announce that our Canadian customers can create provincial sales tax return reports for British Columbia (PST return), Manitoba (RST return), Saskatchewan (PST return) and Quebec (QST return), providing greater sales tax reporting coverage across Canada.

Stay on top of your sales tax commitments

With the release of the latest reports, you get the tools needed to help stay on top of your sales tax commitments. Each provincial return report comes with a similar set of features as our GST/HST return report, allowing you to:

  • Automate calculations of the return’s boxes or lines
  • Save drafts and finalize return reports across multiple tax periods
  • Click each transaction to see what makes up each line or box
  • Adjust returns for transactions made in earlier periods
  • Export returns to Excel to review and audit

At Xero, we’re committed to providing an enhanced product for Canadian small business, accountants, and bookkeepers. These reports are an important milestone in our journey to give our Canadian customers a more localized product experience. We can’t wait to hear what you think about them.

Xero provides sales tax return reports in all Canada Xero Cashbooks and Business plans at no extra cost. Keep an eye out as additional sales tax return reports and functionality become available.

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