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Q&A with Searle Goott, CEO & Founder, Flagship Reporting

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XU: We were very excited to see Flagship’s recent launch & integration with Xero! Where did the idea for Flagship come from & what led you to creating it?

SG: It was born from the idea and frustration of having to spend lots of time using Excel spreadsheets to produce management accounts, which is time consuming and prone to error.

XU: What were you doing pre-Flagship?

SG: I was acting as a portfolio FD for various clients.

XU: What problems or challenges does Flagship solve?

SG: Flagship totally automates the reporting process for our clients. As it is integrated with Xero, figures are always in sync with no room for manual errors.

XU: Who are your target users and who will it help benefit?

SG: Our target users are both Accountancy firms and FD’s / FC’s working for a business.

XU: What are the advantages of integrated reporting solutions over spreadsheets such as Excel Reporting?

SG: Automation, accuracy and eliminating errors.

XU: What sets Flagship apart from the other Reporting apps out there?

SG: Ease of use. A simple and intuitive user interface and flexibility - this means that our users can create fully customisable reports, in any format, for any period.

Our “blank canvas” approach enables the user to create management reports in the required format as opposed to using a template that may not suit our users’ needs.

XU: How has the product been received so far since the launch in April?

SG: We have had an unbelievable response so far. Clients genuinely love the product and have said that Flagship has saved them days with their reporting. 

XU: Which of Flagship’s features do you personally think is the most useful?

SG: Customising rows and columns to suit the users requirements and the ability to run a single company or a consolidated group from the same dashboard.

XU: Launching a new business & app during Covid-19 must have been an interesting process. Did you encounter any unexpected issues or surprises during the creation & setup?

SG: Thankfully we have been so lucky to have continued to connect with our customers on Zoom, as well as  working with the most incredible team of developers

XU: Flagship’s interface appears very user-friendly and intuitive. What functions did you implement to increase its accessibility and ease of use?

SG: A simple and intuitive drag and drop interface together with the functionality of switching running a report for any period or any company.

XU: Why did you choose to integrate with Xero?

SG: Xero is the market leader in this space and is the software of choice for most Accountants.

XU: Tell us a bit more about yourself & what you get up to outside of Flagship!

SG: I love the outdoors and sport - mainly tennis, swimming and cycling.  Recently, I have been spending  a lot of time with my new puppy, Kobe.

XU: How was the Flagship team formed, and what are their backgrounds? Had you worked with them before?

SG: Our development team was built from scratch. We now have 8 developers. The rest of the team were hired by referrals from trusted friends and colleagues.

XU: Do you have any new features or updates in the works that you can share with us?

SG: We are working on a lot of things at the moment which include intelligent commentary, accounting intelligence and cash flow forecasting.

XU: What is your vision for the future of Flagship? Are there any goals you’re hoping to achieve?

SG: We hope to expand internationally and integrate with other key software vendors and we will also be integrating with other key non accounting packages.

XU: How easy is it to sign up for & implement Flagship into your business.

SG: Very easy. You can sign up directly from the website. There is a 14 day free trial. You can cancel at any time. It takes about 60 seconds to sign up and connect your companies within Xero.

XU: Could people encounter any challenges implementing an integrated reporting solution such as Flagship, and if so, how can they overcome them

SG: Our product is so simple to use so not much help or training is required. In addition we have FAQ’s and chat support within the product. We also offer Zoom training free of charge for anyone who needs it.

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