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Quoter Product Update: July 2024

July 10, 2024

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With its long nights and warm days, summer always reminds us to work smarter, not harder. We’re thrilled to share two significant releases on the Quoter platform that will help our Partners do just that.

So get out and enjoy the season. With Quoter, you can get quotes built and sent with fewer clicks, and without compromising managerial oversight.

This month, I’m giving a special shout-out to developer Jose, who took on our challenging scope of work and was shipping value within a few weeks. It’s exciting to see Partner feedback and ideas become reality so quickly.

Read on for the updates!

Gain Greater Oversight with Multi-Stage Manager Approvals

Whose eyes do you need on a quote in your organization before it’s approved to send?

We’ve enhanced our existing Manager Approvals feature in Quoter by allowing more than one approver to be in the process and enabling constraints and rules to apply to the quote’s content.

You can now stack and assign rules for quotes for multiple levels of approval to ensure nothing important to your process is missed, such as margin requirements on one-time or recurring items, even for specific items on a quote, and quote amount thresholds.

Every organization is different, and these enhancements reflect that. You can configure Approvals to meet your requirements whether you need quotes approved at several unique stages (legal, managerial, C-suite) or greater oversight for quotes built by newer employees.

We’re just getting started with what’s possible for personalized rules and constraints for Manager Approvals, so stay tuned for more updates in the months ahead!
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multi-stage approval quoter
With Multi-Stage Manager Approvals, you can assign a series of ‘approvers’ to review a quote before it is sent to the client. On the Approval History tab, green denotes a complete approval, and red denotes a rejection. Account Owners can override approvals by reviewing a Quote under Pending Review > All Quotes.

See a demo of this feature

7 New Quoter + HaloPSA Integration Updates

Our commitment to improving the Quoter + HaloPSA integration goes back several months, so you might already be familiar with the journey so far.

This month, we released seven new updates to the integration to help our Partners who use HaloPSA save clicks while building quotes.

Chief among these updates is the addition of Opportunity Creation in Quoter. Many Partners have requested this feature, so we anticipate it will be well-received! Whereas before, opportunities had to be built in HaloPSA and then searched for in Quoter, now our Partners can have Halo Opportunities created automatically upon Quoter Quote creation.

We’ve also built in supplier support, so products built in HaloPSA can be pulled over to a quote along with pricing, SKU, and cost details from an associated supplier. This update ensures the transfer of the most accurate information possible into Quoter without copying and pasting or toggling between platforms.

Along with Opportunity Creation and Supplier Support, we added:

  • HaloPSA Lead Support
  • Sales Order (SO) Creation
  • Purchase Order (PO) Capture and Push
  • HaloPSA Authentication
  • Quoter Quote PDF Push to Halo Opportunity
No more toggling between platforms with the latest Quoter + HaloPSA integration enhancements, which includes the ability to automatically populate a quote with HaloSPA supplier details, such as SKU, price, and cost.
No more toggling between platforms with the latest Quoter + HaloPSA integration enhancements, which includes the ability to automatically populate a quote with HaloSPA supplier details, such as SKU, price, and cost.

Get a quick-read description of all seven updates here ⬇️
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How’s your Quoter experience going?

Our development squads run on Partner feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.
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