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Quoter Product Update: June 2024

June 24, 2024

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Your quote-to-cash process is unique to your organization, which is why we love to release updates to help you make Quoter your own. This month, we’ve got four updates focused on customization to complement your workflow.

But before we get into those, I’d like to shout out “The Mikes” (Quoter Technology Manager Mike Polga and CEO Mike Walsh) for their technical expertise and support in the planning phase of the new architecture we’re building for Reporting in Quoter. That’s right — stay tuned for big changes coming to help you visualize profitability and recurring revenue data for your MSP.

Now, on to the latest releases!

Customize Your Quote Reminder Intervals

When do you like to follow up on a quote? A day before it expires, or a few days after it’s sent?

With the latest enhancements to Automated Quote Reminders*, you can set customized intervals to best fit your preferences.

Not only do you get the convenience of having quote reminders automatically sent, but you can now decide when those reminders go out at the account-wide or individual quote level.

You’ll love this customization’s flexibility for optimizing the timing of your sales cycles.

Read More: Customizable Quote Reminder Intervals [Product Update]

*Please note that Quote Reminders are only available for Standard Plans or above.

Set customized intervals at the account level, or for individual quotes.

Calculate Line Item Pricing Based on Markup or Margin

If we can save you from whipping out a calculator as part of your quoting process, that’s a win.

That’s why we’ve added the ability to calculate a line item’s unit price based on a markup or margin calculation.

In Settings > General, you can set your default price modifier so that you can easily view and revise line item pricing based on margin or markup.

This release was designed to save you time in calculating costs, while also giving you the flexibility to manually set a line item’s unit price when needed.

Read More: Price Modifiers – Margin and Markup

An in-app look at the markup and margin calculation options in Quoter.
Take control of your pricing strategy with fast, accurate margin and markup calculations.

Make Bulk Update to Line Items

For Quoter Partners on Standard or above plans, an additional feature is now available: the ability to bulk update line items in a section.

Whether you need to modify unit prices in a section based on a margin or markup percentage, or apply a fixed dollar or percentage discount to all line items in a section, you’ll find plenty of ways to save clicks in your quoting process with Bulk Updating.

Read More: New Pricing Modifiers [Blog Post]

An in-app look at Bulk Updating functionality in Quoter.
Now you can apply discounts and modify unit prices by section with Bulk Updating.

Customize Your Quotes List View

When it comes to managing your quote pipeline, which details do you need to succeed?

Every Quoter Partner will have a different answer to that question.

That’s why we’ve added significant additions for customizing your Quotes List View. Now you can save customized views and access new filter options so your Quotes List View delivers exactly the information you want to see.  

Show and hide columns for saved page views, filter by Quote Number, sort by Recurring and Upfront Margin, and more. Click the Read More link to see everything we’ve added to help you streamline your Quotes List View.

Tell us about your Quoter experience

Our development squads run on Partner feedback, so if you have thoughts on how these latest changes have impacted your quote-to-cash workflow, let us know!

Email Quoter’s Product Board to share your thoughts.

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