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Ready, Set, Scale: 3 Tips to Support Your Field Service Clients

It’s a satisfying feeling when your advisory services have played a part in the growth and success of a client’s business, especially if you’ve been working with them for a long time. But even without long term client relationships you can provide exceptional advisory services by knowing your clients, their industries and their needs as they scale.
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In particular, your field service clients will have their own set of unique challenges so investing time in partnering with experts in that industry will expand your knowledge and set your services apart from the competition.

Check out some of our tips on how you can help field service clients build a solid foundation in three key areas - sales, operations and marketing.

1) Sales: 

Create competitive estimates on the fly to easily win new business

  • To secure business, field service professionals need to impress customers the second they win the sale. They can do this by:
  • Getting them an estimate in minutes
  • Sending an electronic version so it doesn’t get lost
  • Ensuring accuracy

Having a job management solution, like simPRO, speeds up the estimating process significantly by allowing accurate winning estimates to be created, updated and submitted in the first meeting with a potential new customer via a mobile app. This also allows accurate project and control costs, meaning accurate accounts for you as their accountant at the other end. 

2) Operations:

Timely, strategic decisions with intelligent business reporting

As their accountant you’re likely asking at what point does your client know they’re making or losing money? 

Business reporting answers this question, and more. Solid reporting processes are essential for identifying trends and highlighting inefficiencies while scaling. 

simPRO job management software offers standard reports to help keep job and project costs on track. 

And, as a simPRO Partner and trusted adviser you can work together with your field service clients to help make recommendations, predictions and forecast growth whilst they scale.

3) Marketing: 

Build credibility and attract referrals with reviews

Besides simple word of mouth, online reviews can be the make or break for customers when deciding if they want to use a business. 

Another way to help your field service clients scale their business is to recommend a software solution that integrates with other business solutions. For example, simPRO integrates with review site Podium. With this integration, Podium automatically requests reviews from customers as soon as a job or project is completed in simPRO. This integration makes capturing reviews and boosting credibility simple by incorporating the process directly into any workflow. 

And, for every positive review gathered, there’s usually an opportunity for a great referral and more new business!

Ready to specialise in the field service industry? Become a simPRO Partner.

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