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Reckon One receives ‘Best Customer Support’ badge from Software Advice

September 21, 2023

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Due to our extremely important customer support services, we’re thrilled to announce that Reckon One has been recognised as an impactful software choice for businesses. To that end, we’re very proud to receive the 2023 Best Customer Support Badge from verified reviewers on Software Advice a United States-based user feedback website founded in 2005.

To ensure people feel confident and informed in their technology purchases, Software Advice synthesizes verified end-user reviews to call out the highest-rated products in specific market categories. These categories include CRM, medical and HR applications, as well as accounting, bookkeeping and invoicing software; the products Reckon specialises in…

So how did Software Advice reach the decision to award Reckon One its badge—and what was the criteria? With 75+ reviews to date, Reckon One has earned an overall rating of 4.5 (out of 5) on Software Advice. Our best-in-class customer support badge was won via our rating counts in these software categories: Best Accounting; Best Billing & Invoicing, Best Budgeting & Forecasting and Best Bookkeeping.

What are our customers saying about their experience using Reckon One?

A huge thank you to our valued users who took the time to share their post-purchase feedback. With customer support as our top priority, we look forward to continually serving our users to the best of our ability. Here’s a few of the latest Reckon product reviews on Software Advice.

“I like being able to run my business knowing Reckon provides all the functions I need. I have been with Reckon for many years as all my business needs are covered by Reckon.” – Margie

“I like Reckon. It is quick to print all the reports such as transaction lists and general ledger. Very good!” – Amy

“It is easy for a non-digital person like myself. Also, behind-the-scenes customer service is respectful and highly productive.” – Anaban

Some of Reckon’s key customer support stats

From our online community to our dedicated technical and cloud specialist teams, at Reckon we take customer support very seriously. As a part of this commitment, we regularly report on our key stats to see how we’re helping our customers. Here’s a year-to-date snapshot of 2023.

Reckon’s GM chats about his approach to customer service and why it’s a top priority

To get a better handle on Reckon’s philosophy and approach to customer service, we chatted to our General Manager, Alex Alexandrou.

“Receiving the ‘Best Customer Support Badge’ from Software Advice is an honour, particularly as customer support is an area in which we strive for perfection,” says Alex.

“In my experience, customer service and experience top the list of the most important duties of a business.

“If the nature of your customer’s experience is negative, then all the time, money, and effort you expended leading to that point do not matter. That customer is now gone forever, and rightly so.

“You may have a great product, a competitive price point and a top of class team. All of that crumbles with a single negative customer experience.

“As I say to my own customer experience team, ‘one negative phone call could derail the entire effort of gaining that valued customer’.

“If you neglect your customer service, your business will suffer – and so it should! That’s a perfectly reasonable outcome, as the experience of your customer should not just be about your own business, but about your mission to provide the best services and products you can, so they can get the best tools for the job and the support they deserve.”

Who is Software Advice?

Software Advice guides businesses through the software buying process. Through 1-on-1 conversation and trusted insights, Software Advice has helped more than 900,000 businesses find the right technology for their specific needs. Software Advice also features over 2 million verified user reviews.

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