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Retentions and Serial Numbers now available

November 20, 2023

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Serial Number Inventory Tracking

  • We're pleased to announce the release of a new major feature, Serialised Inventory Tracking.
  • Serial number inventory allows you to track the individual serial numbers of products in stock, as well as what you've used on both projects, and stock sales.
  • This lets you track the journey of a specific part all the way from the supplier, right through to your customer, for visibility and warranty purposes.
  • Please follow the link/click the below for a short video on how this works.


  • Retentions are the bane of the construction industry and accounting for them has always been a pain.
  • With our retentions release, WorkGuru allows you to configure retention line items to invoice to the balance sheet, to ensure that your AP / AR, and Retentions owed and claimed are always correct, and you're not stuck trying to fudge the numbers.

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