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Revolut Pay: checkout for businesses with big ambitions

September 12, 2022

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For businesses that sell online, checkout is kinda functional. We get it. But if you’ve got big ambitions, your checkout could be an untapped resource – especially when it makes your customers smile and saves you money at the same time.

So let’s talk about Revolut Pay…

It’s a fast, frictionless and flexible way to pay

Revolut Pay streamlines the payment process for everyone. Your customers can check out in a single step, meaning they’ll want to shop with you again and again.

Revolut Pay sits alongside other popular types of payment, too. So your customers can choose to checkout with a debit or credit card, Google Pay,  Apple Pay and more – whatever works best for them

It helps boost your sales

Fact: the easier it is for people to complete checkout, the less likely they are to abandon their baskets. So the one-step checkout we’ve just spoken about means higher conversion rates and more successful sales for you

Your business can save on transaction fees

Revolut Pay has competitive transaction fees and there are no monthly fees or hidden charges. We’ll leave you to do the maths on this one…

For more information on our fees, head to Business Pricing

Potential to attract new customers

Revolut has 20M+ global customers. That’s a readymade network of 20M+ people for you to market to. That’s also 20M+ people who already recognise Revolut

Integration is seamless, secure and suited to you

Setting up Revolut Pay in your online store is simple. No matter if you have your own website or an e-commerce partner, you’re looking for a complete solution or a complement to your existing set-up, Revolut Pay can flex to integrate seamlessly with your business

High levels of security and protection

You can sleep well at night knowing that our advanced payments protection and fraud detection help keep yours and your customers’ money safe

Add Revolut Pay to your online store today for a fast, easy and low-fee checkout your customers will love.

Why leave it there?

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