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Rotaready product update – January 2021

To kick off 2021, we’ve got some exciting updates for you. Introducing sign-off validation, pay breakdown per person and rota status at a glance…

Sign-off validation

When you go to sign-off a rota, you’ll now see a checklist of whether Rotaready thinks you’re in a good enough place to do so (checking for any pending absence requests, any missing sales, and crucially any attendance issues). If you have any attendance issues, Rotaready will prevent you from signing-off. This protects against any problems creeping into your payroll.

Pay breakdown per person

The ‘hours/wages’ button on the rota will now show you the wage breakdown by colleague. This will give you greater visibility and control when building your rotas; allowing you to identify the source of any spikes in wage spend.

Rota status at a glance

Selecting a date in the rota viewer now indicates whether the rota has been signed off, marked for approval, or just created as a draft. This update is designed to help you navigate to the correct rota more easily.

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