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Roveel welcomed to Xero App Store to enhance drill-down reporting for small businesses

May 13, 2024

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Roveel, the reporting software company based in Norwich (UK), has launched its global integration for Xero, unleashing the power of data held by small and medium businesses (SMEs). Now available for SMEs and accountancy firms via the Xero App Store, the reporting tool builds on the significant amount of data stored in a company’s accounting system and allows in-depth drill-down analysis to allow for smarter decision making.

Established in 2014, Roveel helps accountants and business owners, directors, management, and staff save time on day-to-day admin reporting tasks and the need for endless Excel reporting.

The value of data which an SME has access to is powerful in driving growth, identifying opportunities in sales and increasing profits.

Diving deeper into data using Roveel’s drill-down functionality provides accountants and business owners with a powerful tool for quick analysis and reporting using the suite of pre-built business dashboards and reports. Roveel is supported by a comprehensive marketplace of additional insights, complemented by a bespoke service too, ensuring that the company motto of “ANY Report You Want” is fulfilled.

Xero data is valuable and Roveel boasts a vast library of dashboards and reports covering areas from sales to finance, credit control, purchasing, stock and allows customers to manage their budgets, cash, and profitability with ease.

Mark Donaldson, founder of Roveel and former practice accountant, said: “The market has asked for more in-depth analysis and I am thrilled to launch our Xero integration and build upon our already strong market offering to SMEs. Roveel provides a secure and affordable way to generate the information required and empower teams. Being listed on the Xero app store and recognised as a connected app and certified by Xero is extremely exciting.”

“Since launching our product, we have enjoyed working closely with SMEs and this integration allows more companies to benefit from Roveel and sees the company move into new global markets. 2024 has already seen many exciting new features and this latest integration is just the first of more to come over the next few months. We are excited about how this new integration can now support customers who want to have a deeper understanding of the data within their business.”

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