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Sharesies investors can sync their trades directly to Sharesight

November 24, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Sharesies is now directly integrated with Sharesight using the Sharesight API! This means that investors who use the Sharesies platform can have their trades automatically synced to their Sharesight portfolio—making it even easier to take advantage of Sharesight’s award-winning performance and tax reporting.

Who is Sharesies?

Sharesies’ purpose is to create financial empowerment for everyone. It’s a massive advocate for sharing the opportunity, knowledge, and love of investing. The Sharesies platform gives investors the opportunity to develop their wealth over the long term.

Through the Sharesies platform you can invest in thousands of companies and funds across New Zealand, the US, and Australia—with no minimum investment!

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Why investors should connect Sharesight and Sharesies

  • Complete integration — The Sharesies platform is fully integrated with the Sharesight API. This means Sharesies transactions are automatically synced to your Sharesight portfolio with no need for any ongoing admin on your part.
  • Track your Sharesies Portfolio along with the rest of your investments — If you have investments outside of the Sharesies platform (such as property, crypto, or anything else), connecting Sharesies and Sharesight makes it easy to track all of your investments in one place, including the 240,000+ stocks, ETFs and funds that Sharesight supports.
  • Generate in-depth tax reports — Sharesies provides you with a tax statement at the end of the financial year, but if you need additional tax information to file your tax return, Sharesight can generate other in-depth reports to help you calculate any tax owed, such as the Taxable Income Report, CGT Report (AU) and FIF Report (NZ). You can also easily share your Sharesight portfolio with an accountant, which saves you from forwarding your tax documents separately.

Connecting your Sharesies Portfolio to Sharesight

You can connect your Sharesies Portfolio to Sharesight within the Sharesies app. Head to Settings > Portfolio > Connect your Portfolio to Sharesight and follow the steps to connect to a new or existing Sharesight account. You’ll have the option to sync your historical Sharesies trades to Sharesight through this process, and once you’re connected, ongoing trades are synced to Sharesight automatically.

Get started with Sharesies today

Interested in investing in New Zealand, US, and Australian share markets through the Sharesies platform? You can sign up on the Sharesies website*. From there, you can link your Sharesies Portfolio to your Sharesight account using the instructions above.

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