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Sharesight release notes – February 2023

March 8, 2023

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In February, our main focus continued to be on the architecture of our reporting functionality. This new reporting featureset will be rolled out in the first instance with a new-look diversity report. I’ll post more details about this endeavour in next month’s update.

We’ve also rolled out a number of new features onto the starter plan. Customers on the starter plan can now track against a benchmark; add attachments to trades, payouts and holdings; create three (up from one) custom groups; and are now offered the same level of customer support as customers on our Investor plan.

New functionality / Enhancements

  • Our holding news feed is now even richer with new content provided by Simply Wall Street covering a broad range of stocks and markets.
  • We now allow for the capture of franking credits on Australian convertible notes (relevant for our Australian customer base only).

UX / Usability improvements

    We have updated our dividend reinvestment (DRP) default settings to more closely reflect the most common rounding treatment of DRPs. When DRPs are turned on for a holding, we now use the rounding treatment ‘round down and track balance’ by default.

Enhancements for professional partners

    Our partners can now update dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) settings for each of their customers’ holdings in bulk via our API, including the rounding treatment of the holdings reinvestment plan, namely; round up, round down, round to nearest and ‘round down and track balance’.

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