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Sharesight release notes - November 2020

November saw a number of key releases, including the new trade source informaton tooltip and a beta release of Sharesight’s Foreign Currency Report.

New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Further enhancements to our new Foreign Currency Valuation report to Expert plan users with beta features enabled.
  • A trade source icon and associated tooltip is now available against all trades in Sharesight to indicate the origin of the trade (eg Sharesight API, trade confirmation, manual entry etc)

Broker Import Functionality

  • Added support for Superhero trade confirmations (Australia)
  • Added support for TD Ameritrade trade confirmations (US)
  • Added support for Firstrade trade confirmations (US)
  • Added support for Stellan Capital trade confirmations (Australia)
  • Added support for Merrill trade confirmations (Australia)

Sharesight API

  • V3 API - Added owner name attribute to the GET portfolios endpoint

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