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Shed light on unclear transactions with Clarify

August 23, 2023

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Sometimes, transactions will be posted to a transaction list without all the relevant information to contextualize them. This can mean that you need to turn into Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out where the transaction came from and whether there's anything nefarious afoot. But, no more Sherlock Holmesing in the dark! Meet your new partner in crime – Clarify.

Clarify is a remarkable tool designed to enhance your transaction auditing experience like never before. With this new tool, asking for clarification on a transaction is only a few clicks away and you can keep track of every request for clarification too, giving you a neat audit trail.

Get ready to dive deeper into your transactions

So, how does our new detective tool work? It's simple, really. Just select a transaction in the Transaction List under Analyze, click the "Clarify" button and request more information from whoever posted that transaction. You can then select an email template to use from the following options:

  • Transaction allocation: Request allocations for the selected transactions;
  • Transaction allocation with tax: Request allocations for the selected transactions (with tax amounts);
  • Information about transactions: Request general additional information for the selected transactions;
  • Source documents: Request source documentation for the selected transactions; or
  • Start from scratch: Build your own email for the selected transactions.

When sending your email, you have the option to include a neatly organized table of transactions, an Excel spreadsheet, or both – whatever suits your communication style and needs.

Whether you're an accountant seeking clarification from a client or a manager overseeing financial operations, Clarify empowers you to uncover the information you need.

Keep track of previous requests for clarification

We've also introduced a dedicated Clarify History tab within the Transaction List so that you can easily track and manage all your clarification requests. No more wondering whether your query has been sent or received – our delivered and read notifications will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Clarify isn't just about communication; it's about empowering your review practices. As an accountant, you'll find this tool especially valuable. Imagine encountering a transaction that lacks context or source documentation – Clarify steps in as your solution. You can request allocation information for a transaction, ensuring it's properly accounted for. What's more, the Clarify History tab will allow you to maintain a comprehensive record of your clarification requests, streamlining your auditing process.

Subscription benefits and additional features

We believe in providing you with value that lasts. Initially, Clarify requests will be available to everyone. However, to ensure ongoing access to this feature, an active subscription to the Review package will be required after the first five requests. This ensures that Clarify remains a robust tool for users dedicated to maintaining accurate and comprehensive financial records.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you handle transaction clarifications? Say hello to Clarify, the ultimate tool for uncovering what's really going on with those dubious transactions.

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