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Sign Here, There and Everywhere. FuseSign Takes Digital Signing for Accountants Global

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FuseWorks is proud to announce that their Innovative and Industry focused digital signing platform, FuseSign is spreading across the globe with the official launch in the UK at Accountex London, May 2023.  

With FuseSign, accountants have access to a cutting-edge platform built specifically for the industry to provide a user-friendly, secure, and customisable platform that streamlines document signing processes, enhancing overall productivity and creating a seamless client experience.  

FuseSign has already established a strong user base among Australian and New Zealand firms with large mid-tier networks like Accru, Bentleys, DFK, MGI, Pitcher Partners and many more jumping on the Fuse-train.  Flexibility from small to extremely large firms makes FuseSign a perfect fit for global expansion and the company is excited to bring its cutting-edge technology to the UK market.  

Co-founded by Melissa Voss and Scott Barber, their Chartered Accounting background brings deep insight to the frustrations accountants have and has contributed to the success of the growth of FuseSign.  “Solving key pain points and delivering tailored and targeted solutions to real-life problems is at the core of our success” says Scott Barber.  

The past few years has seen FuseSign achieve exponential growth & tremendous success in the Australian and New Zealand markets, where it has been praised for its intuitive interface, advanced customisation options, and robust security features. FuseSign allows documents to be signed and returned in a matter of minutes, being the accountants choice and a highly sought-after alternative to many expensive traditional electronic signing tools.  

The launch of FuseSign in the United Kingdom is an exciting development for the accounting industry, and the platform is poised to disrupt the market by offering a solution that specifically addresses the needs of accountants.

“We are thrilled to bring FuseSign to the UK market, and we believe that our purpose-built platform will be a game-changer for the accounting industry there,” says Melissa. “As a Chartered Accountant myself I understand the specific challenges faced by accountants, and our platform has been designed to address these challenges head-on. With FuseSign, accountants can focus on delivering value to their clients, rather than wasting time on manual document processes.”

At the same time, FuseWorks remain fully committed to their original market and will continue to provide the same level of support and service that has made FuseWorks a leader in document automation and digital signing.  

“Unlike most software vendors, FuseSign never planned to put boots on the ground and start making noise from day one. Rather, Melissa, Jackson and the team first wanted to understand the processes and pain points of UK accounting firms, to see what problems they could solve, and where they could add value” says Jack Thiel, Co-Founder of Early Adopters Hub. “We saw first-hand the investment of time the FuseSign team made, completing a deep market research programme through the Early Adopters Hub in 2022. They spent hours listening to a diverse range of market-leading accountants in the UK, which has set them up well to deliver a unique and differentiated digital signing product that will serve the market well!” Jack said.  

Built with accountants in mind, they understand the unique challenges faced by accountants in Australia and abroad, and FuseSign has been designed with these needs in mind. From seamless integration with popular accounting software to advanced tracking and reminders, FuseSign streamlines the document signing process and helps businesses operate more efficiently.

The FuseWorks Difference  

FuseSign offers a range of features that make their digital signing platform unique and a rare-find for accountants. These features include but not limited to:

  • Highly Customisable Settings and Features: Tailor the platform to specific branding, workflow requirements and integrate with existing systems.
  • Intuitive & User-Friendly Interface: Create a seamless experience for both clients and signers.
  • Granular Control: Precise management over access and levels (view, edit, or sign).
  • Advanced Security Features: Multi-factor authentication, GDPR compliant & ISO 27001 accredited.

FuseWorks’ innovative nature means they dare to do things differently. Their passion and commitment to the accounting industry revolve around client feedback and continuous improvement.  

FuseSign’s Integrations

FuseWorks recognises that offering the best of breed in digital signing is amplified when integrated with the business technology stack.

In the UK, FuseSign integrates with other Cloud products Xero Practice Manager and FYI to be able to leverage shared data and automated workflows.  These integrations allow clients to leverage a range of powerful tools that can help streamline their operations and save them valuable time and resources, along with having one single data source to avoid duplicated contact data.

The UK is seeing growth in FYI (also founded and achieving exponential growth in Australia) and Founder Rob Cameron says “Having the ability for FYI and FuseSign to integrate seamlessly makes for a powerful workflow combination, with the ability to send and track documents for signing via FuseSign directly from within FYI.  The mutual respect for each other’s businesses, along with unified sales and support teams means this integration is a powerful combination.”  

FuseSign’s intuitive integrations with other software providers help to improve clients’ workflow and efficiency, reduce errors, and enable clients to access a broader range of features and capabilities.  

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