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Simplicity, security and ease of access for HR

Key considerations when moving HR to the Cloud...

With Xero having over 1 million subscribers, Google G Suite over 4 million and Microsoft Office 365 claiming 120 million individual users, the adoption of Cloud software by small and medium businesses for accounting, payroll and documents is clearly mainstream. Business owners, HR departments and HR Service Providers are now adopting cloud HR technology to meet the growing requirements of clients, employees and managers alike.
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Key decision points on the move to cloud HR concern the simplicity and ease of use of the solution, the security of the data and the accessibility of information.

Centralise employee information & records

Managing all employee records and company HR policies securely in one location, is a key motivation for rolling out a HR management solution. All businesses are required to hold information for employees both past and present.

HR in the Cloud

Cloud software should be secure by design and with your data being held in the Cloud, it is often safer than having it stored on-premise in shared drives or filing cabinets. Going online allows you and your staff to access the information you need, no matter where you are, but you should also ensure that the provider has a GDPR compliant Data Processing Agreement incorporated in their terms of service.

Self-service capabilities

Your staff are used to living in a digital world, so empower them with the ability to self-serve updates to core information, make leave requests, and acknowledge policies using the technology they are used to but do so with minimal admin overhead and training.

Customisable access roles

You need to ensure access to information is restricted only to those who need it. For example, your payroll admin might need access to employee bank details, without having access to more sensitive information and you will want to stop IT staff seeing personal data but still let them set up the system. Make sure that configurable roles are an option in your chosen HR system.

Seamless payroll integration

Cloud solutions make it easier to connect applications and share data. The goal is a single source of truth with one data entry point; saving time and improving data accuracy. An HR system which integrates with Xero for payroll and G Suite or Office 365 for single sign-on, calendar integration and file access will make deployment rapid and be simple to control access for new joiners and remove access for leavers.

The above pointers should ensure the adoption of Cloud HR proceeds smoothly. Once your information is centralised, secure and accessible only by those who need it and integrated with your Xero Payroll you can step back and let your business reap the benefits.

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