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SMEs will now get automated reminders telling them exactly when to call their debtors, to help reduce late payments

October 27, 2023

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Chaser, the global accounts receivable platform and credit control service provider, has launched call reminders. With call reminders in Chaser, users can seamlessly schedule and manage their reminders for important credit control and debt collection calls. This functionality automates and streamlines the receivables follow-up process, ensuring that every call is accounted for, ultimately optimising chances of timely payments.

Late payments are a prevalent issue for many businesses, and the 2022 Late payment report reveals that 87% of businesses are typically paid late. Chaser is committed to assisting businesses getting paid, and by using Chaser's receivable automation software, which includes email and SMS payment reminders, businesses have so far in 2023, collected payments worth over $5 billion USD. However, there are situations where a more direct approach is necessary. In these scenarios, initiating a timely collection call can be instrumental in achieving a resolution and securing payment faster.

While crucial, these calls are not without their challenges. Determining whom to call, recalling past interactions, and ensuring timely follow-ups are time-consuming and resource-intensive, resources that receivables teams often find in short supply. However, with Chaser's call reminders, these challenges are addressed. The automated call reminders guide businesses on when to make essential collection calls, as well as make all details about previous interactions instantly available. This empowers businesses to proactively schedule, track, and optimise their collection calls, ensuring a more focused and effective approach to late payments.

“Chaser recognises that effective credit control and debt collections calls are not solely about effort but strategic timing," says CEO Sonia Dorais. "With the launch of call reminders, Chaser helps guide its users to make the right calls at the right time, automating this critical process and allowing them to schedule, track, and optimise collection calls efficiently. By addressing the nuances of late payments, Chaser enables businesses to take a proactive stance, securing timely payments, and maintaining a healthy cash flow.”

Key benefits of call reminders:

Ensure no receivables or debt collection call is missed

Chaser's call reminders ensure that no required collection call is overlooked or forgotten. This helps businesses effectively manage their accounts receivables and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Optimise and maximise credit and debt collection efforts

Not every late payment requires a phone call; sometimes, an email or SMS will do. Collection calls for chasing late payments involve preparation, effort, and subsequent follow-ups. Chaser's call reminders help receivable teams contact the right customer at the right time, ensuring every call is worthwhile.

Automate accounts receivables tasks

Manually scheduling calls, setting reminders, and consistently checking calendars is time-consuming. With call reminders, receivable teams can automate these tasks and save valuable time and resources.

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