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Solve Your Talent Shortage Easily and Quickly

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As a global talent solutions provider dedicated to the accounting industry, TOA Global has highly-skilled talent on-hand to help your business grow. We do not make this claim lightly. We have only the best Philippine accountants working in our teams.  

This can be achieved with collective brilliance: A combination of your business acumen, our learnings helping more than 800 accounting firms scale efficiently, and our global team members – highly-skilled accountants, bookkeepers and financial support staff.

So, what would your firm gain by filling those key roles?

Better return, growth and turnaround

Aly Garret (All In Advisory, Adelaide) points out that both offshore and local team members are benefiting from their decision to outsource, and as a result the business has grown. 

“We’ve got better return, we’ve grown, and turnaround is much faster because now we have more people helping us to get things moving and out the door. It also allows us to over-resource and provide extra support for our local team so that they can concentrate on their own areas instead of having to sort of work across everything and everywhere.”

Overcome downtime – staff offshore stepped in at short notice

Alessio Roscio (Managing Director: RCR Partners, Adelaide) was relieved that business could continue without any interruptions when an onshore staff member left to move overseas. “It’s the efficiency that we’re gaining now, also having the comfort of the resources readily available, that’s a big thing!”  

“If you’re a growing business, you’d need to be outsourcing. I think that you can’t just have everything all in-house… When a staff member left it was very comforting to know that we had people in Manila that could pick up the job, whereas if I was advertising for somebody back home, it might have taken a little bit longer.” 

The TOA Global obsession with potential

We do more than help owners of accounting and bookkeeping firms around the world increase their capacity and efficiency using global teams in the Philippines.

Behind our success as a leading talent solutions provider dedicated to the accounting industry, is our obsession with the potential of people to thrive in their businesses, careers and communities. We use the latest smart hiring techniques to find top talent, people who are curious, ambitious, committed and passionate about their clients. Then we amplify each team member’s potential through upskilling, career development and local accreditation. Finally, we invest heavily in ensuring we provide outstanding places to work and industry-leading platforms for team members and clients to maximise productivity and connection.

With key staff in place, win back time to spend as you 

Why leave it there?

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