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South African payroll platform hellohr joins the Xero family

December 4, 2020

New South African tech start-up hellohr empowers business owners and accountants by offering easy, modern payroll and HR services and now, with Xero integrated, everything just got a whole lot better!
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Similarly to Xero, hellohr looked at how to make a “solved problem” better. “We looked at the current problem in South Africa, what the available solutions are and how this can be done better. We can use smarter tech to solve problems previously solved by manual, archaic processes,” says hellohr founder and CEO, Bernard Bravenboer

Bernard believes that traditional payroll has not been structured for adaptability. “No one is really building payroll and HR for small businesses in South Africa. Our tech is more agile,” he explains. “There’s this trope around a business owner or manager sitting at the end of the month, with a calculator, trying to work out their payroll. It shouldn’t take a day or even two days. It should take you 10 minutes – or less.” 

With hellohr, business owners can calculate taxes, send payslips, track time off, store employee information – and that’s just the beginning. The three-step process is easy to set up, secure and will help save time, so that business owners can focus on what they need to. 

The power of joining forces with Xero 

While Bernard initially positioned hellohr for small-business owners, he quickly began to see that there is huge value in onboarding accounting firms too and today has a successful partner network with South African accounting firms. Much of the success of this process was due to the integration of Xero into the hellohr app. 

“Painless payroll is only the beginning. Our new partnership with the Xero accounting software will pave the way to hassle-free journal posting and automated calculation of employee expense balances,” says Bernard. 

Optimised workflow

Key benefits of the Xero integration into hellohr include:

  1. Easy, quick and simple importation of payroll balances to Xero.
  2. Being able to effectively manage payroll workflow.
  3. Avoiding common errors in tax calculations 
  4. Conveniently re-post, edit and delete importations to Xero.
  5. Connect multiple clients/companies to Xero.
  6. Allow managers to administer payroll and importation to Xero.

Essentially this means quicker solutions, smoother processes and no more pesky data duplication that comes with other, older software programmes.

Why leave it there?

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