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Stop “Exporting to Excel” - start and end there with xpna

Leverage Excel and xpna to build dynamic, consolidated, connected reports

Client needs are changing. To differentiate your firm, you need to do things - differently.
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Redefining the Role of Advisory in Contemporary Accounting

Accounting is evolving.  Gone are the days when firms were mere record-keepers and compliance officers; today they are strategic advisors to their clients. This transformation raises the bar for what accounting firms, and the software they rely on, should offer. While web-based tools offer a partial solution, they often lack the customisation capabilities clients now demand, leading many to the tried-and-true "Export to Excel" option. What if, however, we could begin with an Excel environment that is already fully optimised?

Elevate Excel Reporting with xpna

Excel is undeniably a powerhouse when it comes to reporting, but it has its limitations. It should never be used as a database and grapples with the hierarchical nature of the chart of accounts. It also needs frequent, manual updating from Xero to reflect the most current data. xpna is designed to alleviate these limitations, transforming Excel into a dynamic reporting tool that integrates seamlessly with Xero. A real-time link ensures that the numbers are always up to date, providing an accurate view of company position and performance.  And if a number doesn’t look right, a single click retrieves all the transactions behind it.

Consolidated Reporting Done Right

Multi-entity consolidation has been a focus for xpna from the very beginning. The platform allows you to connect to multiple Xero files and streamline the process of creating a cohesive financial view. Its intuitive interface lets you map out different accounts and tracking categories into a flexible, unified chart. This holistic approach is further enhanced by features that allow for the creation of elimination entities and automation rules, and an auto-balance function that resolves discrepancies that might exist in the source ledgers.

Consolidated Accurate Forecasting: An Advisory Must-Have

In the era of accounting firms serving as strategic advisors, the importance of precise forecasting tools cannot be overstated. xpna's top-down and driver-based planning functions offer you the means to construct adaptable, responsive, financial models. This sets the stage for highly detailed and actionable forecasts, giving businesses the tools they need to manage risks and spot growth opportunities effectively.

The xpna Difference: A Mission Beyond Features

xpna’s underlying mission is to provide rapid access to accurate, real-time financial information, and make it easy to build exactly the reports you need. By merging the familiarity of Excel with innovative features and pre-built templates, xpna is empowering accounting firms to offer a new level of bespoke advisory services.

xpna is not just another tool in the toolbox but a catalyst for change, elevating the way value-add services are delivered. It's time to ask more from your reporting app stack, and to step boldly into the future. xpna is here to guide the way.

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