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Streamlining Surgical Success: How Tauranga Oral and Maxillofacial Clinic keep their stock Tidy

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From routine outpatient extractions, to more complex inpatient procedures, TOMS don’t have time to manually track stock. So how do they do it?

About TOMS

John Bridgman is an Oral and Maxillofacial, or “MaxFax”, surgeon at Tauranga Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (TOMS). The clinic, staffed by three MaxFax surgeons, 15 nurses, and three receptionists, caters to an average of 50 patients daily.

They offer a comprehensive range of oral and maxillofacial surgical services, from routine outpatient extractions to more complex inpatient procedures. John performs 90% of his surgeries at TOMS. He also operates at the Tauranga Public Hospital and Grace Private Hospital for public-funded surgeries or those requiring general anaesthesia.  

Turning to Technology 

Change can be tricky. Originally, TOMS operated with just two surgeons out of a single surgery, managing their clinical stock manually. However, when a new surgeon joined and TOMS expanded to two operatories, the clinic faced increasingly complex stock control challenges.

Stock management began to occupy valuable nursing time; particularly with stock items made up of hundreds of components with varying expiry dates. They decided to turn to technology and started looking for just the right inventory management system. After much searching and evaluation, they found Tidy.

What TidyStock has improved

Since implementing TidyStock, John reports that their workflow has significantly improved, becoming more efficient and precise while requiring less time from fewer staff members. Managing their stock has become more enjoyable, with less drudgery associated with manual checks.  

“Although the system relies on human input, when executed properly, it provides a perfectly accurate measure of what’s in the drawer,” John says.

TOMS have also found that having up-to-date stock levels has streamlined the ordering process, making it easier, quicker, and more accurate, knowing they are not over or underordering. The integrated system has resulted in TOMS’ entire team of nurses becoming happier and more efficient.

Deb Buxton, a nurse at TOMS, had a big part in managing the clinical supplies and general stock needs both before and after the implementation of TidyStock.

Before TidyStock, inventory control was a laborious task, involving physical counting of implants, checking expiry dates, staying up to date with ordering, and managing spreadsheets for end-of-month invoicing. With TidyStock, these tasks have been simplified significantly.

“It has completely streamlined my workflow,” Deb says.

“I can now order stock with just a few clicks. Tidy generates our supplier purchase orders automatically.”

Now TOMS never run out of stock.

Prior to TidyStock TOMS had so many spreadsheets, they were practically drowning in paperwork. Now, they are on their way to becoming completely paperless, with Tidy doing the work for them. John says that “TidyStock works for everyone at TOMS,” whose staff have adapted quickly to the system.

Fast forward to the present day, John says that the journey is “definitely” going in the right direction. TOMS are impressed with the excellent quality technology which simplifies complexities and eliminates distractions.

Good software allows for quicker consultations, making everything “just rapid.” John described the system being like a “well ordered filing cabinet” with information now found at just the touch of a button.

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