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Synergy product update – May 2022 – Updates to budgets, invoicing, SynergyCRM, document management and resource scheduling

May 23, 2022

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Subcontractor management introduced to budgets

We understand you need to handle different subcontractors in your daily projects, so we made significant changes to the budget planning. The budget line under work breakdown is grouped into Externals, Internals and Expenses categories that allow you to keep track of individual areas as well as your gross budget:

  • Internals – are your internal team costs
  • Externals – are sub-contractor costs
  • Expenses – are any budgeted expenses you predict on the project such as equipment purchases

These will assist you to identify what parts of the budget are for subcontractors, and what parts are for real profit. This enables you to fully control your company’s profitability even in the proposal stage.  

Invoice performance  

Significant improvements in invoice creation allow for the recognition of errors at the time of processing. An error message will notify the customer to re-generate it again. Further, invoice processing time is greatly improved. Invoices perform more efficiently and can help you collect your account receivables as soon as possible.


SynergyCRM keeps you attuned to your customers with information that’s targeted, relevant, and up-to date in one, central location.

This month we have added a subcategory to your opportunities, allowing you to track your lost opportunities more accurately. Discovering the reasons why you may be losing certain opportunities will enable you to develop a superior approach, and therefore win more work.

We have enhanced the ways you can record information and action items against contacts too! Now you can add notes and to-do items to any given contact. Use this to set due dates and ensure you are pursuing your potential customers successfully.

Ever needed to compare opportunities so you can work out where you should invest your time and energy? This new feature will help you navigate your way through multiple opportunities at the same time.

For those customers who haven’t subscribed for SynergyCRM yet, don’t worry; you can enable this add-on from your subscription page or chat with your Customer Success Manager anytime that fits your schedule.

Project Document Management

We understand each document may undergo many revisions before being finalised. Now, you can manage your revisions more effectively. For example, you can select the Revision and revert to the previously uploaded document if you observe you have uploaded the wrong file or created an incorrect revision. We have also created a new submenu in the Project menu. It groups your Document Register and shortcuts to your default Image Library and Email folders. And it includes a link to Transmittals and the Portal for a project.  

Synergy and Microsoft SharePoint are a great integration. We have made significant improvements to the integration to improve your document management.

Resource Scheduling

You now have more flexibility when reallocating resources from the Resource Planning, Project Planning and the Project schedule.  

As your trusted business partner, we want to work with you to move your business to the next level to give you #MoreTimeForDesign.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to customise a solution for you.

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