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Teamgate Release Notes: January 2024

February 7, 2024

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What’s New on Teamgate: January 2024

Key Feature Releases:

TGD-1093: Workflow Automation

  • Summary: Workflows will enable Teamgate users to build efficiency through creating automated actions when specific triggers are met.
  • BETA Release Date: 18 December 2023 (10% of Growth/Enterprise users)
  • Wider Release Date: 16 February January 2024 (Teams and Growth users, per our new subscription plans).
  • Support Documentation
  • Video Walk-through
  • Customer Feedback Form
screenshot of teamgate workflow automations
Workflows Sneak Peak

January Bug Fixes:

The following bug fixes were deployed during the month of January 2024:

  • TGD-1143 – PDF cannot be added to email template
  • TGD-1156 – Can’t upload logo to the Billing module
  • TGD-1157 – System is reloading itself on leads module
  • TGD-1164 – Cannot connect Google Calendar
  • TGD-1168 – Workflow error when creating specific activities in the Organizer
  • TGD-1169 – All users are being logged out during deal creation process

Feature Releases Coming Soon (Q1):

TGD-1133: Webform Snippet

  • Summary: Our new Webform Snippet feature will allow create custom lead generation forms with additional security ad-ons through our partner RingCaptcha. Once finalised the code snippet for the form can be copied and pasted directly into the users website. Form submissions from your website will now automatically generate new leads within your Teamgate account.
  • Stage: Final Testing
  • Planned Release Date: February 2024
  • Support Documentation: TBC

TGD-1135: Increased List View Visibility

  • Summary: Customers can now select to view more than 25 leads at a time in leads/companies/people list views. Select from a dropdown of multiple options to view up to 250 leads/companies/people at a time.
  • Stage: Final Testing
  • Planned Release Date: February 2024
  • Support Documentation: TBC

TGD-1140: Custom Fields Mapping Improvements

  • Summary: Teamgate users will be able to create custom fields ONCE and deploy the custom field to multiple areas utilizing a check box. This functionality will also auto-map the fields between the areas selected (leads, people, deals etc).
  • Stage: Final Testing
  • Planned Release Date: February 2024
  • Support Documentation: TBC

TGD-1142: Increased Permission Options

  • Summary: Admin users of Teamgate can now select from different permission options to allow/deny users the ability to edit and create deals.
  • Stage: Final Testing
  • Planned Release Date: February 2024
  • Support Documentation: TBC

TGD-1150: LinkedIn shuttle improvements

  • Summary: Improvements between Teamgate and LinkedIn, allowing customers to add leads/people from LinkedIn directly to Teamgate with additional information. Integration improvements will also include the addition of the LinkedIn shuttle successfully working within the LinkedIn Sales Navigator environment/interface.
  • Stage: Final Testing
  • Planned Release Date: March 2024
  • Support Documentation: TBC

Planned Development Projects:

The below features are in initial planning stages and will be updated as they are closer to release.

  • TGD- 1134: Accounting Integration Improvements (Quickbooks/Xero/Bills Module)
  • TGD-1159: Adding lead metrics to Sales Funnel Reports
  • TGD-1152: Create Teamgate leads from Gmail/Outlook
  • TGD-1176: Teamgate x Zapier Integration improvements
  • TGD-1177: Twilio SMS Functionality
  • TGD-1178: Teamgate x Google Ads integration
  • TGD-1179: Teamgate x WhatsApp messaging integration
  • TGD-1183: Email Template Improvements (unsubscribe button)
  • TGD-1184: Email Template Improvements (easier image embedding)
  • TGD-1185: Deal Importing Tool
  • TGD-11xx: Lead Enrichment via Clearbit, Baremetrics and more.
  • TGD-11xx: Sales Insights Improvements (to include Teams metrics, Averages and Totals)
  • TGD-11xx: Teamgate Mobile App
  • TGD-11xx: Send Invoices via Teamgate Bills Module

Next Scheduled Deployment:

The following bug fixes will be released by 14 February 2024:

  • TGD- 1134: Accounting Integration Improvements (Quickbooks)
  • TGD-1136: Invoicing date issues
  • TGD-1166: Sending Invoices (Bills Module)
  • TGD-1170: Sync Issues (Google Calendar)

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