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The Clarity Roadmap (aka FutureMap) 2021/22

August 12, 2021

At Clarity we like to do things differently. And rather than sharing a traditional Clarity roadmap [which is subject to constant change; due to customer feedback, development timescales, changing priorities, market updates etc], we thought we would create a Clarity FutureMap instead.
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Introducing the Clarity 2021/22 FutureMap

As a community-focused company, it’s vital that our Members fully understand the many developments we hope to implement over the next 12 months.

These are the key features we are exploring and would like to add:- they are not yet fixed or scheduled, but rather ideas that need your input (in addition to the wonderful people who represent this company) to be further explored, refined and decided upon prior to deployment.

Click here for the full higher resolution pdf version.

We are really excited about what we have planned for the next twelve months.

However, it’s essential we get feedback from you. So please let us know if you have any suggestions or areas that we’ve not thought of. Or simply what you think of what we have in store for Clarity. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

What is a  traditional roadmap?

Software roadmaps are used by product and engineering teams to provide a high-level overview of the software development process. Roadmaps visualize the short- and long-term solutions and initiatives needed to stay ahead of the market and launch new features. They often chart items across different technical departments—including development, product and design—and show how these departments will work together to achieve success.

with thanks to roadmunk for the definition of a roadmap

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