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The Pleo Partner Portal has had a glow up

June 23, 2022

The Pleo Partner Portal is designed to help you onboard and manage your clients all in one place.

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The Pleo Partner Portal is designed to help you onboard and manage your clients all in one place. Ready for a world of less paperwork and more information at your fingertips? Yep, with Pleo you can wave goodbye to lost receipts wreaking havoc on your accounting and say hello to a world of easier client management.

What’s in the portal?

  • Easy client onboarding (and easy access to those clients)
  • Team invites
  • Detailed client overview
  • Resources (Help)
  • Speedy customer support

We’re all about making your life simpler. That’s why the all-new Clients page in the portal gives you a clear, holistic overview of which clients to work on in Pleo. Get your hands on all the data you need directly from the Client view, instead of needing to click into every client's page on the Portal and dig even further into their Pleo account. That's right, you can wear all your accounting hats at the drop of a hat.

What’s new?

  • Easier client and task management
  • Move data around missing receipts
  • See how many expenses are ready to be exported
  • Clear overview of onboarding status

We’ve also updated the sidebar layout. No biggie, right? Wrong - it’s a small change with a mammoth impact. Just tap ‘View details’ to pull up a quick snapshot of each client. See the key data points (like wallet balance, days since last exported, assigned bookkeepers and more) in the right sidebar, so you don’t need to waste time clicking into each client’s page.

Pleo Clients view

Give your clients the support they need with the tools you want to use. Ready to get up and running on the Pleo Partner Portal? Join our community of accounting partners and book a demo now.

Why leave it there?

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