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The rise of cradle-to-grave systems for customer management

From signup, through client document management all the way to ‘off-boarding’

Going 100% digital may give you “green creds” but it does not mean that you improve customer experience, security and compliance. It could be quite the opposite. In this article Daniel Stachowiak, the MD of MyDocSafe, shares some insights about why cradle-to-grave solutions can be the answer…
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We hear a consistent story from our clients: if the sign-up process involves paper, and cannot be done on a mobile, it is likely that it will either not get done (you lose a client) or it will take longer than anticipated, delaying your “time to revenue”.

Furthermore, a completed signup process is just the beginning of a new relationship – more documents will be shared, approved and requested.  And once a client leaves or retires, a reverse process needs to happen – that of ‘off-boarding’ – transferring, deleting data or retaining data for compliance purposes.   The only way to minimise risks and work involved is via cradle-to-grave solutions. Alternatives, even if 100% digital, might no longer cut it.


Using email to ask for personal data and scanned passports is digital but is neither seamless nor secure. It sends a signal that you are either reckless or unaware of the risks, and most importantly, do not respect your clients’ time.  You could use encrypted email instead, but is still not optimal from the client’s perspective because of filing involved.

Proposals software

Proposals software automates sign-up.  You can select services, fill forms and sign agreements.  You might also be able to set up a direct debit mandate or take a credit card payment.  However, you are likely to need separate systems for ID verification, client portals or digital signature.  So from a client’s perspective the experience looks overcomplicated. It solves the initial problem but introduces complexity further down the line.


MyDocSafe has been designed as a ‘cradle-to-grave’ system that saves you time and money throughout the entire life cycle of your client relationship. Most importantly though, it helps you build a great customer experience.

Here is how:  

  • New client signs up: Our Proposals module lets you configure your services, prices, engagement letters, and forms.  You can decide to take credit card payments or create invoices in Xero. ID verification tools are available.
  • Client work begins: Our Portals module allow you to easily carve out designated and encrypted virtual spaces for document sharing, signing and data collection.  Documents can be imported directly from Dropbox and can be used to file documents directly from Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • Client leaves or retires: Client off-boarding is easy – remove client access from your portal, transfer the portal’s data to the client seamlessly, turn on the auto-expiry tool that will automatically delete data after the required retention period.

As a bonus we throw in a data mapping tool for your GDPR compliance through which you can use to document, audit and manage your data protection responsibilities.

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