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Tide x BT: a partnership small businesses can rely on

November 1, 2023

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Leading business financial platform and disruptor in the business banking domain, Tide, has embarked on an exciting new partnership with telecom giant, BT.

With a shared vision to empower small businesses, this alliance aims to streamline business operations and accelerate growth like never before.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the unique benefits this partnership will bring, exploring how it can reshape your business. Learn how you can save valuable time and resources, whilst getting your business up to speed.

Who are BT and EE?

BT Group is the UK’s leading provider of fixed and mobile telecommunications and related secure digital products, solutions and services. Providing managed telecommunications, security and network and IT infrastructure services to customers across 180 countries.

EE is part of BT Group – together with BT, they provide great mobile, fixed and cloud products and services that can keep your business connected, and help you become even more agile, productive and efficient.

BT and EE have had a huge impact on small businesses – offering them streamlined solutions, support and growth, whilst remaining cost-effective.

Why Tide and BT are joining forces

In an exciting move that will revolutionise the landscape for small businesses, Tide’s collaboration with BT will unlock even more opportunities for SMEs.

Whilst small businesses are facing rising business costs, they also rely heavily on superfast broadband and mobile connectivity to run their business successfully.

A recent survey conducted by BT found that 73% of those already running a business or side hustle feel they couldn’t do so without reliable broadband and mobile connectivity.

Juggling finance admin with digital communications can be stressful for small businesses, which led Tide and BT to join forces. Tide is a pioneer in financial services for small business owners, offering digital solutions to make business banking and finance admin hassle-free. While BT aims to connect people and businesses using cutting-edge technology and dynamic communication services.

Fueled by the need to have these services easily accessible, and to save users valuable time and resources, the partnership between Tide and BT was born.

George Schmidt, SVP Member Accession Marketing at Tide, said: “The addition of BT to Tide’s highly successful partnership program is a perfect opportunity for our new and existing members to gain the time saving value provided by Tide’s business financial platform. The partnership will help and support small businesses , and extend their reach into new markets in a cost effective and secure way.”

BT broadband for business: cutting-edge connectivity

Paving the way for full-fibre broadband connectivity, BT is ahead of the curve. Selling only fibre-based broadband and digital phone lines from 2023 onwards, businesses can experience game-changing broadband speed and a connection they can rely on.

Member deals: BT’s offer to Tide members

BT are delighted to bring Tide members a discounted price on their business broadband – save up to £259.95 including a free set up fee worth £19.95. Go faster with BT and experience cutting-edge speeds of up to 900 Mpbs across all full-fibre plans.

Full-fibre broadband benefits for your small business

✔️Strength and reliability: a dependable connection unaffected by distance or weather

✔️Speeds of up to 900 Mbps: work at maximum capacity with lightning-fast broadband

✔️Powerful performance: conduct video calls, share large files and run cloud apps on multiple devices with multiple users, hiccup-free
✔️Future-proof connectivity: the last upgrade you’ll need, full-fibre has everything your business needs for the future

Digital phone line key features

✔️Calls on the go: connect your business number to your smartphone via the Cloud Voice Express app and take calls from anywhere

✔️Calls with control: Divert calls, filter unknown numbers automatically and receive voicemail via text

✔️24/7 support: need fast and free support? BT’s business experts are ready

Chris Sims, Managing Director, Small and Medium Business at BT, said: “Small businesses are facing a lot of challenges at the moment, which are making it difficult for them to plan financially. Both BT and Tide are committed to helping small businesses navigate these challenges and maximise their potential, and unlocking discounts on BT’s best-in-class business broadband and Tide’s leading financial solutions is an important part of this.”

Manage your small business from anywhere with EE

Voted the UK’s best mobile network for 10 years in a row, EE is known for its fast and reliable connections, powered by 5G. Combined, BT and EE are better for business – whether you’re on the move or in the office, your business will have a secure connection at all times.

Member deals: EE’s offer to Tide members

Tide members can get 10% off phones, laptops, SIM only and more from EE, today – voted the UK’s best network 10 years in a row (some devices excluded).

With their Business All Rounder Plans, you’ll also get the choice of inclusive extras including Apple Music, worth £10.99 a month. That way, you can groove to your favourite tunes and strike the perfect work-life balance.

Why EE is a good choice for business mobile phones

✔️EE is the UK’s best network: Equip your business with better connectivity, flexibility and collaboration

✔️Stay connected guarantee: Gone over your data allowance? Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to reach your customers
✔️5G on EE: with 5G’s fast and reliable connection, watch videos and share large files on the go
✔️EE inclusive extras: Get access to Roam Abroad Pass, Microsoft 365, 500 minutes to call Europe from the UK, and more

Tide x BT: getting your business up to speed the smart way

Tide and BT’s decision to partner means that they can both support wider audiences and provide them with solutions to better manage their business.

By promoting each other, it drives further value to respective audiences by unlocking offers and discounts on broadband, mobile and access to our free business financial platform.

In addition to Tide members getting member benefits on broadband and mobile, BT’s small business customers will also benefit from this partnership. Unlocking a generous member incentive when opening an account with Tide, it’ll help members to save time and money.

The Tide app equips small business owners with a toolbox designed to help manage your business affairs easily. The platform allows you to create and personalise invoices, set-up and amend direct debits, get 30 day forecasts in real-time, and much more.

Wrapping up

In summary, the collaboration between Tide and BT marks a significant stride in empowering small business owners. By combining Tide’s user-friendly financial solutions with BT’s cutting-edge technology, this partnership opens new avenues for growth and success.

Small business owners will be able to navigate the complexities of today’s market with confidence, by having access to financial management tools and enhanced digital connectivity.

This alliance streamlines operations and fosters innovation, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths: growing and expanding their companies. Leveraging the Tide x BT partnership allows business owners to get back to doing what they love, with ease.

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