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Transforming Client Experiences: How Custom Xero Solutions Elevate Your Accounting Services

Unlock the secret behind top-tier accounting firms; Custom Xero Integrations can revolutionize your accounting services and transform your client experiences.
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In the dynamic world of accounting, providing an exceptional client experience is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Accountants, tend to love our accounting tools, however outside of the accounting world, Xero and other cloud accounting apps, on their own can be quite limiting. They’re great for a start, but when it comes to meeting unique client needs, we end up having to look for that something that gives a little bit extra.

The Power of the Stack

The Xero marketplace is a treasure trove of apps that can enhance your accounting services. It’s often the first port of call when working with a client, offering a wealth of solutions to common business challenges.

In fact, most award-winning accountants nowadays have their preferred technology stack that augments their accounting software of choice, whomever that may be. Constantly looking for that next app that can give customers even more value.

But what happens when the marketplace apps don’t quite hit the mark for your client?

Beyond Your Stack: Tailored Integrations

The first foray for many is existing systems already used by the business; or maybe other off-the-shelf solutions.

However, if it’s not on the marketplace it likely doesn’t play nice with Xero or other cloud accounting packages.

That’s where tailored integrations come in. When these solutions provide a comprehensive API one can create tailored integrations.

Maybe you’ve already used something like Zapier or Make, but imagine if you just had to tell someone what you wanted it to do; including all bells and whistles; and you could have it delivered to spec; fully automated and managed.

It’s like having a translator who can speak the language of every app in your client’s ecosystem.

The Power of Customization

Customization is like a secret weapon in the Xero universe.

When it looks like all the marketplace solutions are in-effective, and your client is about to give up on accounting automation because nothing seems to fit… it’s time to bring out your secret weapon. A customised Xero Integration.

When all existing tech options may be exhausted; custom software solutions that are integrated into Xero come into play. This is where a new cloud solution is created to specifically address the challenges that your clients are facing.

Custom Software can bridge the gaps where traditional business apps do not quite make it. Most marketplace apps, at some point, may have started as a custom software solution to solve a specific niche problem.

Having a secret weapon up your sleeve not only makes your life easier but gives you additional clout when talking to existing and potential customers, that be what may, you can find a solution to their accounting automation challenges.

Case Study: A Transformation Story

Let’s take a real-life example. Picture an accounting firm working with a car leasing micro-business, with the majority of leases paid by businesses or insurance. The business was stuck in the pen-and-paper era, struggling to issue invoices and taking even longer to collect. Based on their accountant’s recommendation, they were open to using Xero, but Xero alone couldn’t solve their separate vehicle and allocation issue, where a single diary was the only source of truth.

The business and the accounting firm; tried looking into existing marketplace apps. No match, they tried looking in the wider market yet plausible solutions did not have a roadmap for a Xero integration or a suitable API.

In order to not charge the client exorbitant bookkeeping fees; the accounting firm was keen to introduce a digital solution that would help automate the full process.

Having come across Maze Digital they held an introductory call to ensure that the team understood accounting jargon, after all, most developers have no clue of accounting jargon. Once they were confident, they introduced the client who explained the busines challenges and together developed a custom app that integrated seamlessly with Xero.

The result? The accounting firm gained full live visibility into all sales happening within Xero, while the business managed bookings and payments through a custom app. It was a win-win situation.

Going Beyond a Custom App

It’s not uncommon for accounting firms to specialise in a niche. In the process, unique challenges such as those solved above by custom apps are encountered.

Yet, now you realise that the solutions you are helping to pioneer may not solve only a single customer’s challenge, but potentially, tens, hundreds maybe even thousands of businesses.

A dream of having your own marketplace app.

Going from an idea to a custom software solution, into a viable self-sustaining SaaS business is no easy feat. But with the right technology partner, all of this becomes possible.

Maze Digital: Your Xero Developer Partner

Having become a Xero Developer Partner in 2017; we have helped multiple firms and businesses with their Xero Integrations. Having exhibited in three XeroCons, and being the only Developer Partner to ever win Xero App Partner of the month we can guarantee that your clients will be in good hands.

If you’re attending Xerocon Australia or Accountex North, you’ll be able to meet our team in person. We’re not just experts—we’re enthusiasts.

Ready to Level Up?

Custom Xero solutions have the potential to transform client experiences in the accounting industry. They offer a way to overcome the limitations of marketplace apps, meet unique client needs, and give your firm a competitive edge. So why wait? Let’s start tailoring your Xero solutions today.

Remember, in the world of accounting, customization isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. And at Maze Digital, we’re ready to help you meet that necessity head-on.

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