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Updates on our renewed Xero Developer App Program

June 21, 2024

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Our goal is to help you grow your business with Xero. That’s why we’ve been working hard at a renewed approach to our Xero Developer App Programs.

We’ve updated the Xero Developer App Program to encourage more consistent and scalable growth for you — our valued Xero Developer Apps.

Tiers and benefits

There are still two tiers, ‘Connected’ and ‘Premium’, and both tiers continue to include marketing benefits. However, we’ve made some updates to clarify the criteria for each tier and how the tiers differ:

What’s new?

We learned that it was hard to earn your way into the Premium tier, so we’ve revised the criteria. That means more apps can reach this tier and its benefits. Our goal is to create a scalable tiering model with improved structure and transparency so you can understand exactly how you grow with us and what benefits you receive. Learn more about the new tiers and associated benefits here.

Who’s eligible?

Xero Developer tiers are only available to apps that are published on the Xero App Store. Apps can earn their way into the Premium tier by achieving consistent subscription growth (over 300 subscriptions) and high Xero App Store ratings. You can always find your subscription data on your dashboard in the Developer Portal to understand your current growth and tier.

What do you need to do?

We’ll reach out to you if you qualify for the Premium tier. And for those in the Connected tier, we’re making sure there’s still opportunities for you to grow through Xero App Store features, specialised Xero App Store collections, events, webinars and more.

What’s next?

Look out for our next announcement that bridges the gap between our tiers and helps you grow

Why leave it there?

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