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Use Excel to Power Advisory Services

Bespoke clothing and bespoke financials always provide a better fit. Bespoke clothing is expensive. Bespoke financials need not be.

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Using Excel in combination with Scott’s Add-in allows you to tackle your clients’ toughest reporting needs, and do it in a very cost effective manner. 

Use our custom Excel functions like =SCOTT.GL, =SCOTT.RANGE, =SCOTT.XTRACK, AND =SCOTT.XBUDGET, to create beautiful Excel sheets that inform and delight your clients.  Setup your model one time, then simply recalc the sheet as needed, to refresh it with current Xero data.

No training is required.  If you know how to use Excel, you know how to use Scott’s Add-ins. Get started in as little as five minutes.  Here are some Power Tips on how to leverage the add-in for your practice.

Power tip #1:  You could bill your clients for the initial Excel development.  Instead, consider building the bespoke workbook on your own time, and presenting it to them at no cost…initially.  Then deliver it every month for a fixed fee, with practically no marginal cost to you.  Value-based billing at its finest!

Power tip #2:  Create a bespoke Excel template using the add-in, for an industry focus of your practice.  Restaurants for example.  When meeting with a prospective client, show your template, instantly building credibility as a financial expert in their industry.

Power tip #3:  Using your new found skills, to go after larger, more sophisticated clients, whose reporting needs could not be addressed within the accounting software.

Power tip #4:  Build a fractional CFO practice around Scott’s Add-in.  Take your CFO offer to the next level by creating bespoke reports, accompanied by a narrative explaining the impact to the business.

We invite you to join the growing legion of accounting professionals who are delighting their clients with bespoke financials.  Be different.  Start creating financial art today with Scott’s Add-ins!

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