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Use Xero Login to Sign In or Sign Up for Calxa

August 11, 2021

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Using the Xero Login to sign in or sign up for Calxa is an efficient way to operate. Single Sign On is the technical term for being able to sign in to one app with credentials from another. Calxa has been integrating with Xero since 2011. So much has changed since those early days. Now the Calxa app is online, providing smooth interactions with our customer’s Xero accounts. If you are of a more cautious nature, you may have a few questions.

  • How does that work?
  • Should I use it?

We’ll explain how that works. Also, how you can now use your Xero Software Login to sign up for a Calxa trial directly from the Xero App Store.

How Does Regular Sign In work?

When you sign in to Calxa, we give you a choice in how you authenticate. This is very similar to how your Xero login process works. The reason for this, is to make sure that your data is kept secure and your identity is protected. There are a couple of ways of signing in:

  • You can always use the standard method of signing in with an email address and password. We verify the password by emailing you a code to confirm that is your address.
  • Later you can expand the 2 factor authentication options to include SMS or an Authenticator app such as Microsoft’s or Google.

It is important you understand that we don’t store any of this information, except for your email address. For your security, we use a third-party service provided by Microsoft to ensure that no hacker could ever steal your personal details from the Calxa site. Still, it is one more password you need to keep track of.

How Does Sign In with Xero Work?

Using the Xero login to access Calxa is a reasonably simple process.

  • When you choose the option to sign in to Calxa with Xero, we switch you temporarily to Xero’s website.
  • Here you enter your username and password (and 2 factor authentication if necessary).
  • Through the Xero software login, they verify that you are who you say you are.

Once that’s done, you come back to Calxa, and you’re logged in. Simple!

Again, at this point, we don’t store any of the authentication details. We get your email address and a token that we can then use to retrieve your accounting data from Xero each night. You can disconnect that token at any time from within the Xero app.

What is Sign Up with Xero?

If you find Calxa in the Xero App Store, what used to be the Xero App Marketplace, you will see the Start a free trial button.

If you’re already used your Xero login to sign in your accounting system, it will take you straight to Calxa to begin a new trial. If you’re not logged in, it will prompt for your Xero software login credentials.

You can then choose which company file to use for the trial and it will start to sync with Calxa. This is where your trial begins.

Using your Xero login  provides a quicker, simpler Calxa trial sign up.

Calxa and the Xero App Store

The App Store is new to Xero but we are excited to be part of it and see it offering benefits to our customers. What’s so exciting, you ask?

  • Eventually, you will be able to include apps like Calxa on your Xero monthly invoice.
  • This means you will get just one invoice each month, including Calxa and any other Xero apps you are using.

The app store isn’t quite ready for the options we offer in our billing but it’s not far away.

What Do You Think of Using Xero Login to Sign In to Calxa?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this new development.

Do you like the idea of receiving  just one invoice for both Calxa and Xero?

Give us your feedback by contacting our CEO, Mick Devine (on and tell him you’re interested. He will let you know once the systems are ready and this way of interacting is possible.

Now that you’ve read this far, if you have a couple of minutes, we would love it if you could leave us a  review on the Xero App Store. It will help us share Calxa with others.

Why leave it there?

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