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Using the right technology solution to support your business

There is no denying that any business looking to successfully scale up must implement the right technology solution.

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We all know that in business time is money. It is so important to have the right technology in place to automate and improve processes. Xero has some 900 app partners so you can be assured there is something there to bolt on to your tech stack.

Accountants are more than ever moving to advisory roles these days. This is where the value is added, not in crunching the numbers. 

Choosing the right management reporting tool like Flagship reporting will not only reduce your admin time and enhance data insights to highlight what really matters to your business.

Case Study 

Several months ago, Tinka Consultancy trialled our app as they were looking for a reporting software solution for their clients. 

Tinka Consulting is an outsourced accounting team specialising in bookkeeping, consulting, and reporting. The business is headed up by entrepreneurs, Trent Todd and Ryan Pinkerton, both experts in implementing the right reporting and advisory processes to help growing businesses expand and increase their productivity.

What obstacles or difficulties were you having before using Flagship Reporting

We had tried a number of different reporting tools that were out there in the market. Our experience with these tools is that they try to deliver “too much” in one report and were more template driven. We found most financial visualizations would create more questions than answers. In the end, we ended up automating our reporting with google sheets. This worked but the google sheet visualisations were not perfect and still required time to ensure everything properly reconciled back to Xero. 

How has using the app for your reporting helped you so far? 

In TINKA we provide finance system implementations and bookkeeping services, and we strive to provide an automated and accurate set of accounts at the end of the month. We deliver this through our finance tech stack which strives to automate the data entry and approvals to ensure coding is correct. Adding Flagship into our standard tech stack for clients has provided us with the final piece of the tech stack. We were confident in the data capture and approvals process, now we have automated reporting which can provide a client exactly what they need to analyse and improve their business. 

What is your favourite functionality?

The ease of creating customer report functionalities with comparisons and tracking categories.  

Would you recommend Flagship to colleagues? in your case other businesses

We use Flagship Reporting for all our clients, and I would strongly recommend the product to similar businesses like ours.  

Working in collaboration with Tinka has been a great experience. We have the same outlook and want our clients to succeed. We want to add value to their business by providing them with enhanced visual dashboards and key metrics so they can gain valuable insights into their business performance.

Why leave it there?

To find out more about Flagship Reporting

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