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Virtual events in 2021: How to get the most from attending

A user guide from the Accounting & Finance Show Asia

The past year has seen events across the globe flip to virtual. Here we share what sets the Accounting & Finance Show virtual events apart, and how to get the most out of them in 2021.
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Accounting and finance professionals the world over have been clearing time in their diaries year-after-year for the key industry events each year. The conferences and exhibitions for the industry provide a unique platform to meet up with your industry contacts, benchmark your progress and learn about what’s new particularly with the latest digital tools and tech. 

In 2020, suddenly these events were all moved online with mixed success. “You’re on mute” became the catchphrase of the year and many event experiences felt a little clunky and unstable with hard to navigate virtual event platforms. Others showed great promise, and it was clear that there was some great potential in this medium, particularly while in-person events were simply not possible.A year on, the Accounting & Finance Show Asia team has adopted the best virtual event platform in the business and honed its event calendar to deliver a slick online attendee experience. Its series of events provide a genuine replacement for in-person events in markets where it’s not yet possible to bring back large-scale exhibitions and conferences.

What sets the Accounting & Finance Show Asia virtual events apart?

  • The virtual platform is simple, clear and so easy to use
    When you log onto an Accounting & Finance Show Asia event you will be able to find your way around instantly. The pages and content load easily wherever you are, and whatever device you’re using and you can begin networking and viewing on demand sessions straight away.
  • The balance of live and interactive sessions and on-demand content
    The vast majority of the event runs as live sessions where you can interact with the speakers, ask questions and engage with other attendees of the sessions in real time. It’s your chance to get your most pertinent questions answered and to hear how others in your industry are tackling your common challenges. If you miss a session, it will be available on demand so that you can catch up and we have a whole host of Tech Demos ready for you to view any time.
  • The vast networking opportunities
    You will have the chance to connect and engage with other attendees signed up to the event. If there’s someone you usually make sure to meet up with at annual events, make sure they’re also attending and schedule some time for a virtual catch up. You can hop into a video call directly within the platform. It’s also a great opportunity to do the same with some brand new faces.
  • Story-telling led conference content
    The conference agendas at the Accounting & Finance Show Asia focus on the stories behind the topics, themes and challenges. We ask all our speakers to share real world examples to make sure that the sessions are both relevant and engaging.
  • Try new digital tools and software solutions before you buy
    The Accounting & Finance Show Asia series of events present unrivalled opportunities for you to demo, learn about and speak to the teams behind a vast range of all the latest digital tools and technologies for accounting and finance professionals. Save yourself time researching and sending off enquiries and come to our virtual events to learn about a whole host of solutions that could help you, all in one place.

What are the top tips to get the most out of attending a virtual event?

  • Make the event your own and plan your schedule in advance - choose the sessions you want to attend and diarise them so you can join live and get your questions answered.
  • Log on before the event and identify the people and companies you would like to meet and secure virtual meetings to replicate that networking you’re missing.
  • Engage - you will get out what you put in!

When are the Accounting & Finance Show Asia Virtual events running?

This year the Accounting & Finance Show Asia has expanded into a whole series of virtual events to drill down into the crucial content for specific segments and regions. Here’s a summary of what’s coming up:

When will the in-person event return?

The Accounting & Finance Show Asia will return as an in-person event in Singapore on 20-21 September 2022. We can’t wait to bring together the Accounting & Finance community from across Asia back together in-person! 

If you are interested to be involved in any of the upcoming events this year, or next, do get in touch.

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If you would like to be involved in one or more of the 2021

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