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Weel’s new card blocking feature increases expense report completion by 37% within 24 hours

September 22, 2023

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Weel, Australia’s leading spend management solution, announced the launch of its small but mighty feature, Express Expense Completion. This new feature expediates expense reporting for businesses by significantly increasing the collection of receipts and expense details within 24 hours by 37%.

This straightforward innovation hinges on an optional feature that automatically limits Weel card usage for users with incomplete expense reports older than three days. To restore card access, users only need to upload the missing receipt.

Hunting down missing receipts and managing incomplete reports has long been a headache for businesses and their finance teams. Weel's Express Expense Completion feature instigates a behavioral shift at the employee level, reducing the need for finance teams to chase receipts.

“Using Weel’s new card blocking feature has saved me easily between 15-30 minutes a day in chasing up receipts,” says Michelle Byrnes, Financial Controller at Estimate One. 

”Unlike conventional methods where the company card is detached from the expense management system, we can leverage the knowledge that an expense has occurred and take on the task of chasing employees for the additional expense details,” says Ben Maliel, Associate Product Manager at Weel. “This seemingly small adjustment removes a significant administrative burden from finance teams.” 

“It has forced a really positive behavioural and attitude change around completing expenses, which is fantastic to see,” says Bec Findlay, FinOps Manager at healthcare technology company Eucalyptus. 

You can learn more about their newest feature, and how to get started with Weel here.

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