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August 1, 2022

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Azupay had an exciting month of July, full of activities and achievements.

Here's a recap:

Azupay on Startup Daily discussing PayTo

Tom Rundle, azupay's Chief Product Officer, talked with Simon Thomsen on Startup Daily about the roll out of PayTo and how we help businesses and governments transition to real-time account-to-account payments.

Breakfast with Sydney Azupay team

Join us in Sydney over a coffee and pastry, and find out what's happening in real-time payments today. Connect and meet with others in the industry on Tuesday 9th August over breakfast.

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Azupay Product Enhancements

We've added and updated features for azupayID and azupayOUT.

  • Azupay optimised our internal systems to register PayIDs more quickly and handle large volumes.
  • Merchants will now receive a webhook notification for refunds containing NPP transaction ID.

We've added and updated features for azupayTo

  • PayTo validation rules now reject payments against cancelled or suspended agreements.
  • PayTo transactions will now appear in the V2 Transaction Report along with PayTo returns.
  • Azupay is now setup for disputes with PayTo. Disputes can be managed by the Azupay team in liaison with a merchant, and for disputes that are accepted, Azupay will automatically process the return payment to the refundee.
  • PayTo APIs now have a “Conditions of Payment” field. This is to allow merchants to reference terms and conditions, product disclosure statements, additional fee charges, etc and have this show in the agreement that the payer sees.

For more detailed information on these new additional field, please refer to the Developer Portal here.

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Faster, safer, smarter with Azupay



Delight your customers with a digital payment experience that streamlines payments and reduces your costs. Get ready to replace direct debit with azupayTo.

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Blossom app Partnership

Azupay are excited to announce our partnership with Blossom app. By partnering with Blossom, we are making your savings goals faster, safer and smarter for Australians.

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