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We’re sorry your Xero experience hasn’t been up to scratch

December 1, 2021

We want to acknowledge that our customers have had an unacceptable experience when using the Xero platform lately.

Firstly – we want you to know that we hear you – and we apologise. Beyond anything else, we care about our customers and partners.  

We know this has been challenging and wish there was a simple answer.

A single release or technology upgrade has not triggered this. Each year we put through tens of thousands of releases, some big and some small.

We have recently experienced a series of different unrelated issues, which means we need to resolve all of these independently – so there’s no quick fix.

However – we are working hard to put some improvements in place – and fast. Here’s what we are committing to so that we can once again ensure a consistent experience.

  • Effective immediately, we are committing to a period of at least six weeks where we will only implement critical changes to our systems so we don’t impact your Xero experience
  • We are working on our engineering processes to increase the rigour around our platform updates and releases
  • We have a team focussed on increasing the robustness of the Navigation bar, which we acknowledge has been unreliable. This work is already underway

Our teams are all behind this. We are confident these actions will result in the better performance of our platform. We will continue to monitor the platform closely to ensure there are no issues.

We appreciate you bearing with us. Our site performance is extremely important to everyone at Xero. Our customer experience is core to everything we do.

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