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We’ve advanced over £500 Million to support Barclays businesses

March 20, 2024

We celebrate the milestone of advancing £500 million to businesses banked by Barclays and reflect on the success of our partnership.

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A huge part of our success as a business is down to the organisations we partner with, and the merchants we serve together with them.

Now in our 6th year of partnership, we’ve achieved a lot by working closely with Barclays. We have learnt and developed together, pushing our technology to ensure we offer financial services that are fast, flexible, and easy for our merchants to access. And to be backed by such a prestigious bank is a real vote of confidence in our vision.

February 2024 marked a significant milestone, with the advancement of over £500 million in funds to Barclays merchants.

This coincided with Barclays announcing an ambitious 2024 vision in their recent investor update. Barclays CEO, C.S.Venkatakrishnan, shared a bold three-year plan to build better financial futures for the customers, clients, and communities of Barclays UK. This renewed focus and investment is undoubtedly good news for the one million businesses they provide banking services for.

With over 500 Barclays businesses already benefiting from our working capital services, Kriya is proud to support Barclays in realising its vision. Fundamentally, we care about the same things they do - increasing the prosperity of the businesses by making financial services more sustainable and inclusive.

Kriya CEO, Anil Stocker said:

“We’re proud to work with Barclays and of the way our partnership has helped so many merchants to better manage their cash flow and invest in growth.

We’ve achieved a lot together in five years, advancing £500 million in working capital to businesses that contribute so much to the UK economy.

I’m optimistic about the way our partnership will continue to grow and evolve. Together we’re providing businesses with the tools and financial expertise to help their growth and resilience.”

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