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We’ve moved to eInvoicing

August 30, 2023

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We prefer to send (and receive) eInvoices. Check out the NZ Government’s eInvoicing website ( if you want to find out more.

For our valued clients:

We’d like you to consider receiving eInvoices from us instead of PDF invoices in an email. eInvoices are received directly into your accounting software, so you save time on manual data entry and processing.

Please email with your NZBN and confirm if you’re connected to the eInvoicing network. Then we’ll start sending you eInvoices instead of PDFs.

If you would prefer to receive our invoices through the Xero to Xero network, please send your Xero key to

For our awesome suppliers:

Please consider sending us eInvoices instead of PDFs – it’ll help us process your invoice faster.

You’ll need your finance or accounting system to be able to send eInvoices and include our New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) with the other invoice information you send us. The NZBN is the unique global identifier that ensures the eInvoices you send reach us.

Our NZBN is 9429034854174.

If you would like to send your invoices to us via the Xero to Xero Network, please add our Xero Network Key to our contact details:

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