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What an integrated last-mile delivery solution could do for your business

Integrating your last-mile delivery solution with invoicing is critical to creating the highly specialised and effective point-to-point service customers expect.

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When it comes to dispatch and delivery, ensuring a seamless service is paramount. When goods are required to be delivered to a precise location and at the right time, the delivery is all part of the product you’re selling.  

But it’s not just about the last-mile delivery when it comes to the end-to-end experience for customers. Closing the loop by billing is generally the last point of contact a customer has on a job – and also where the customer experience can easily come undone.

Recognised as a leader in last-mile delivery and an expert in what it takes to create exceptional customer experiences, vWork’s technology uses the power of integration to create game-changing links between job scheduling and dispatch processes and accounting systems such as Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB Advanced.

Job completion and mileage data automatically generates accurate invoices and improves cashflow

vWork uses job completion and mileage data to automatically generate accurate invoices while sharing data with other key business systems to streamline administrative processes and reduce errors.

“Our customers are now able to consolidate their invoicing, deliver improved communication to their clients, and offer an easy-to-use app experience for their drivers,” says Roy Moody, CEO, vWork.

By making it easier to invoice as soon as a job is complete – anywhere and anytime – vWork creates a new opportunity for businesses to deliver an improved experience for customers while preventing lost revenue and supporting cash flow.

“An accurate and up-to-date picture of your financial position means there is one less thing for business owners to worry about. This peace of mind helps support other business priorities like paying yourself and your staff on time and knowing how much money you can put aside to buy new equipment or inventory,” added Roy.

Reducing human errors and taking pressure off front-line staff

vWork’s Xero and MYOB integrations give clients the ability to instantly invoice customers upon delivery. In practice, this means when a driver signs off a completed delivery in vWork, all relevant information is immediately transferred to the accounting system such as the item or product details, delivery costs, and SLA compliance. From there, automatically generated invoices take seconds to create without human intervention and can be issued immediately or according to existing billing arrangements.

“vWork enables delivery drivers and dispatch officers to submit invoices on the go. Directly connecting your accounting software can save an abundance of time, making reconciling your accounts quick and easy while maintaining data security and compliance,” said Roy.

Connecting all of the dots to excel at delivering to your customers

vWork revolutionises the efficiency of your business ecosystem, offering seamless integration with a variety of solutions to maximise its impact. The true power of vWork emerges when it is integrated with your CRM system, like SalesForce, providing a unified and reliable source for reporting on customer records. Additionally, vWork’s telemetry integrations with major players, including EROAD, Linxio, Navman, and Webfleet, add further value.

“From small fleets of twenty vehicles to larger ones with hundreds, vWork streamlines the entire last-mile delivery experience, from order acceptance to invoice submission, with a light implementation footprint for your tech team and substantial ROI from an operational standpoint,” added Roy.
“What sets vWork apart is its flexibility to seamlessly integrate across your tech stack. The goal is to make vWork as useful as possible, aligning with your existing workflows rather than creating new ones,” he concluded.

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