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What makes Chaser Collections unique?

March 8, 2021

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What makes Chaser Collections unique?

Debt collection has a bad reputation, especially among small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Business owners associate debt collection services with complicated, drawn-out handovers and aggressive tactics that jeopardise the valued customer relationships they’ve worked so hard to build.

Feedback from our software customers showed us that previously, the vast majority of SMEs we worked with simply wrote off bad debt because their customer relationships and repeat business were far too important to risk with traditional debt collection methods.

They let us know there was a real need for a fresh solution to the problem of bad debt. One that efficiently recovered the funds owed, while prioritising an understanding and ethical approach that keeps their customer relationships intact.

With numerous years of experience helping SMEs get paid for their work on time with our multi-award-winning credit control software, we knew we had the insights and expertise to provide a better  alternative to traditional debt collections.

Our ethos is that bad debt doesn’t have to mean bad relationships. We take an empathetic and understanding approach to every case given to us, acting as mediators to find the best possible solution for everyone, meanwhile protecting our users’ customer relationships and their business reputation

Whilst traditional debt collection agencies require lengthy handovers, Chaser users can initiate our debt recovery services with just 2 clicks, and view an upfront no-win-no-fee quote before committing. Additionally, collections users can keep track of progress with full visibility over all communications between Chaser’s collections team and any replies from their customers, as this is automatically logged in the Chaser software.

Chaser Collections offers a truly unique, easy to use solution to bad debts, that gives SMEs greater confidence during  the pandemic and the financial stresses of the recession.

The human touch

Don’t let our full suite of automated solutions fool you. We fully understand the importance of the human touch when it comes to delicate situations like debt recovery.

The mantra for our credit control automation is “polite persistence pays”, and we took that same ethos into Chaser Collections.

Having that full understanding of SMEs’ difficulties during these challenging times allows our team to approach each case with empathy and compassion.

We mediate between our customers and their debtors, recovering the funds they are owed in a way that helps maintain great customer relationships  which is demonstrated by the fact that many of our clients are asked to do more work for the debtors they escalated to us.

Data-driven insights

Knowing when to escalate an invoice to debt collection is a difficult task. The Chaser app puts all the data that our customers need to make that decision right at their fingertips.

Using that data allows our customers to manage their credit control process end-to-end in one location, saving them time and money.

With the ability to quickly access key debtors’ information and the details of overdue invoices, our customers can instantly identify bad debts they need collected. From that point, our Chaser Collections service acts as a natural extension of our credit-control app.

Our customers can escalate an unpaid invoice to us in just two clicks. There’s no need for lengthy handover as all debtor information is already contained in the Chaser software.

Our team can also see the full history of both their invoices and customers and can use that data to choose the best way to approach the collection. We personalise every message to the specific customer and offer agreeable payment arrangements for all parties.

Full view of all communication in the application

We believe that the best debt collection service is a fully transparent one. Our customers need to trust that we handle both their invoice and their business relationships in a compassionate but effective manner.

Once an invoice has been escalated to Chaser Collections, our customers have full visibility over all communications. Through the Chaser software’s notes section, customers can also communicate with their dedicated account manager.

No-win no-fee

Our emphasis on transparency also extends to our pricing. Customers can get an instant obligation-free quote in-app before they make use of our collections service.

We offer three pricing levels, depending on the actions required to recover the funds owed. Our pre-legal debt collection services are priced on a no-win, no-fee basis.

If we don’t successfully recover the outstanding debt, our customers don’t owe us a penny.

All of our debt collection services are priced separately from our credit control software, so our customers are in full control of their spend at all times.

You can learn more about Chaser Collections by signing up to a webinar here.

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