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What’s New at Novo: Connect to Our Square Integration Today

April 7, 2021

View your Square balance and check out the updates made to our web app!

With the change in season, there are also awesome changes made to the Novo app and web app. Let’s spring into the newsletter!
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🔲  Square is Officially Live

Start tracking your Square sales and payouts without leaving your Novo account. Upon connecting, you’ll be able to view the following on your dashboard:

  • Information about the month-to-date performance of your online store. This includes gross, net, and total sales, discounts, returns, and more.
  • Your Square funds are on the way to your bank account.
  • Coming this Summer: accept card payments via Square on Novo Invoices!

For more information on the features of our Square integration, check out our Square FAQ page.

🖥 Web App Updates

Here are the newest features we’ve added to our web app!

  • Novo Invoicing has been updated to be more customizable.
  • You can now add and/or remove users in the Account Info tab.
  • Filter your transactions and download them as a CSV import.
  • Received your Novo card? Remove the debit card mailing status from your dashboard.
  • Dispute debit card transactions directly from your desktop device.

🌎 Introducing Wise

You may have seen or heard, but TransferWise is now officially Wise! Don’t worry, only the name is changing. You’ll still be able to make international payments through the Novo app. Check out their blog for more information about their name change.

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